This Week 2018-Feb-19 Joint night with the Eltham collective

MEETING START: 7:30 pm (normal time)
LOCATION: 1st Eltham Scout Hall
Organised by: Ben – In communication with the Eltham collective

The Eltham collective has challenged us to a water fight on out turf next week (remember them charging into out hall all cool like, they don’t stand a chance) . We will be playing wide games with water guns. EG capture the flag.

What to bring: bring your uniform and a set of cloths to get wet in. WATER GUNS if you have them. We do have some as a group to use if we need to.

They said we are not allowed “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THERE BE A FIRETRUCK. NO FIRETRUCKS ALLOWED TO Or anything with an engine and wheel carrying water”


This Week 2018-Feb-12 Planning Night

This week we need to do some planning. We are aiming to get Q1 and Q2 fully programmed, but we also need to prepare the overall 2019 program plan.

LOCATION: 1st Eltham Scout Hall
Organised by: Ben
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HSX Antarctica Challenge badges

1st Eltham Venturers (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) awarded 9 x HSX Antarctica Challenge badges tonight.

Our four activities were
❄️ Holding a polar theme dress up – it was about 30°C so this required the air conditioning to be on ⛄️

❄️ Cooking and eating a dehydrated meal – using several of our hiking stoves 🍳

❄️ Put up a tent with thick gloves – ski/snowboarding gloves and a hike tent ⛺️

❄️ Learn to survive in Antarctica 🇦🇶- We looked into snow activity safety, tying it into the new Australian Scout OAS scheme ready for us to use for camping in the snow later this year ⛄️

2019 – Program for the Challenge Areas

2019 – Program focus
Our focus for 2019 is the reinforcement of “Challenge Areas” in our section programs. We have lots of Challenge Area resources.

At your next section councils ask the youth members to include these concepts in their programming or review some existing programs to see where these concepts already exist.

(Remember how 2018 was “The Adventure Begins“?)

The Outdoors is where Scouting’s emphasis on learning by doing through personal challenge is well provided for through a diverse range of adventurous activities. Sections are encouraged to include a wide variety and new outdoors activities in their program as much as possible.

This explores a member’s awareness of their commitment and responsibility to their community, the value of being of service and the value of being positive and visible members of the community.
Members will be engaged and involved with their community through activities and projects, form partnerships, develop an appreciation of the diversity of their community through visits and inclusion.

This is about the individual, their personal Scouting journey and their personal progression. Through your program the member will be offered leadership opportunities, develop new skills and interests, develop a growing awareness of their health and wellbeing and consolidate their beliefs and values.

This encourages the member to express their individualism, character, personality and emotions through an infinite range of activities such as the performing arts, making and creating, inventing, designing and planning. The outcome is personal and unique to the youth member’s individual personal progression.

[1] 2019 – Program focus (updated 3/2/2019)
[2] 2019 Challenge Area Fact Sheets

ZONE VENTURER COUNCIL – Monday, 18th Feb 2019

ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Monday, 18th Feb 2019 @ 7.30pm.

Venue: Watsonia Scout Hall
A K Line Reserve, Peters Street, Watsonia. Melway 20 F2
Time: 7.30 pm – 9:30 pm
Hosted by: Watsonia

Come on Monday to support new Venturer Units
Come on Monday to support new youth and adult leaders
Support a start of our first Project Patrols
Latest information about YBZ UMC 2019

Roster for 2019: Zone Venturer Council Chair
(From 2018-12 minutes)

MONTH CHAIR Odd or Even Month Meeting Night
February 2019 Watsonia Even Monday 18 February
March 2019 tbc Odd Thursday 21 March
April 2019 tbc Even Monday 15 April
May 2019 tbc Odd Thursday 16 May
June 2019 tbc Even Monday 17 June
July 2019 tbc Odd Thursday 18 July

This Week 2019-Feb-05 HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge

05th Feb (TUE) First Night Back – HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge
7:30 – 9:30pm at 1st Eltham Scout Hall
Organised by: Darren

❄️ Hold a polar theme dress up – start thinking about what you will wear (We will have the air conditioning on so we don’t cook). ⛄️

❄️ Cook and eat a dehydrated meal – bring your meal to cook on a camp stove. Can you put a dehydrated meal together from the supermarket rather than buy a hiking meal? 🍳

❄️ Put up a tent with thick gloves – if you have ski/snowboarding gloves bring them along ⛺️

❄️ Learn to survive in Antarctica 🇦🇶- We will look at some safety and tie it back into the new Scout OAS scheme for us to use in the snow later this year ⛄️

Venturer Calendar: 2019 Q1 [DRAFT]

calendarVenturer Program : Q1 2019 [DRAFT]
Venturer Calendar.

** NOTES UPDATED 2019-Feb-07 2:30pm**

A first draft of the 2019 Q1 Program. Please post your comments and suggestions down below.
For a list of Courses & Visits refer to Scouts Victoria’s Venturers Courses and Visits page.

🗓 School Holidays: 22nd December – 29th January 2019

🔥 31st Dec 2018 – 11th Jan 2019 : Illuminate 2019 – 14th New Zealand Venture

🏕️ 04th – 14th Jan 2019 : Australian Jamboree 2019

Term 1 [DRAFT]

📌 04th – 05th Jan (W/E) Nerd Night [Postponed]

📌 15th JAN (TUE) Suburban Adventure Racing, Tally Ho

🏕️ 17th – 20th Jan (W/E) Ben’s QS Hike @ Warburton

📌 22nd JAN (TUE) Suburban Adventure Racing, Mahoneys Reserve

📌 29th JAN (TUE) Suburban Adventure Racing, Blackburn North

🗓 01st Feb (FRI) ❄️☃️ WF Waters Lodge bookings for the 2019 Winter season will open

📌 05th Feb (TUE) First Night Back Antarctica Challenge Badge [Darren]

📌 12th Feb (TUE) Planning Night

⚜️ 18th Feb (MON) – Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

📌 19th Feb (TUE)

🏕️ 22nd – 24th Feb 2019 : Anything Goes

📌 26th Feb (TUE)

🛶 02nd – 03rd Mar (W/E) Canoe Flatwater – Clifford Park\Jumping Creek

📌 05th Mar (TUE)

📌 12th Mar (TUE)

🕍 16th Mar (SAT) Ideals Visit to Synagogue, East Kew

🏕️ 16th – 17th Mar 2019 : Unit Management Course (Yarra Batman Zone)- Diamond Creek

📌 19th Mar (TUE) 1st Eltham Family BBQ / Eltham North Adventure Park?

⚜️ 21st Mar (THU) – Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

🏕️ 23rd – 24th Mar (W/E) Diamond Valley ‘Relay for Life’

🛶 23rd – 24th Mar (W/E) Canoe Flatwater – Clifford Park

📌 26th Mar (TUE)

🏕️ 29th – 31st Mar (W/E) Top Gun, Plenty Valley – Theme: Indiana Jones

📌 02nd Apr (TUE)

Term 2 [DRAFT]
🗓 School Holidays: 06th April – 22nd April 2019

⚜️ 15th Apr (MON) – Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

🏕️ 19th -22nd Apr 2019 : Hoadley Hide – Mission to Mars

🏕️ Wed 24th – Thu 25th Apr 2019 : ANZAC Day Sleep over and Dawn Service Eltham Cenotaph – Monty RSL.

🏕️ 04th – 05th May (W/E) 2019 Big Burger Challenge, Harkaway Scout Camp