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This Week 2012-May-15 City Visit to Gopal’s restaurant Melbourne

Hi everyone,

As discussed last week, Venturers tomorrow night. We are off to the city as part of the Ideals section of the award scheme.

We are going to have dinner at the Hare Krishna restaurant “Gopals”.
• Meet at the Eltham Railway Station at 6:30 pm.
• The train leaves at 6:34 pm so don’t be late.
• We arrive in the city at approximately 7:36 pm.
• We will be walking to the restaurant at 139 Swanston street.

Gopal’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
139 Swanton Street, Melbourne
(Upstairs 1st Floor)
(03) 9650 1578

• We need to leave the restaurant by 8:45 pm to be at Flinders St railway station by 9.05 pm.
• We will be back at the Eltham railway station by 10:11 pm for pick up.

This is a non uniform event, but you do need to have a scarf and a health form (check your email). For those who are intending to use this visit for Ideals please bring your Venturer record book with you.

If you are intending to eat then bring along between $12.00 to $20.00.


This Week 2012-May-08 Chocolate Night

I Love Chocolate
I love chocolate, oh yes I do.
Eating chocolate is a must too.
I love chocolate, how about you?
They say dark chocolate is now good for you too.
I would eat chocolate while watching Mr. Magoo.
I would eat chocolate instead of dodo.
I like a good chocolate candy bar.
I would even eat chocolate from a jar.
I want to eat chocolate all day long.
Eating too much chocolate may be wrong.
They need to write about chocolate in a song.
Some people eat chocolate just to belong.
I would even eat chocolate in my Froot Loops
I would even eat chocolate with a big group.

— Nichole Kaci McKnight

That’s right this week is all about chocolate.

Venturers Term Planner. Term 2 2012.

Please find the attached term planner that we “Brain Stormed” on our first night back this term plus the flier for an initiative course run by the EJ Chittick Rover Crew.

I have added all the Zone, District events that you may be interested in this term. The courses and official visits are for those who might want to work on their award scheme / Queens Scout, or for those just interested.

Please feel free to review and add any comments that you may wish to add.


* Venturers 2012 term 2 Planner [PDF]
* EJ Chittick Rover Crew Initiative Course Flyer [PDF]