[NOTICE] Vic Gathering Updates

Our transport timeline for the weekend:
Meet at the Hall 5:30PM Fri 30th November 2012, to leave at 6:00PM
Expected arrival at Gilwell c.7:30PM
Expected arrival back at the Hall 3:30PM Sunday 2nd December 2012

Some more information regarding Vic Gathering 2012.
VG Attendance Information [PDF]

You will find a:
• Map of how to find Gilwell
• Canteen Menu & Price List
• Updated Information on what to Bring
• Health Form (for those that need it)


2013 Venturer Calendar [Draft]

Rummaging through some of our notes and the current Draft 2013 InfoBook has produced the following list of activities in 2013 to put on the long term planning calendar when the Unit Council are working through their 2013 planning.

What are we missing?
What longer term plans do we need?
Any major expeditions in the pipeline?

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This Week 2012-Nov-27 (Tue) Plans for VG / Unit Council

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm

1st Eltham North will join us at 8:00 pm to discuss the VG as they are hosting with our Unit. We need to discuss tents, food, transport, expected behavior.


What to Bring to VG [PDF]
• Personal belongings (clothes etc)
• Sunscreen (SPF 30+) & Hat
• Extra Garbage Bags for Rubbish
• Sleeping gear (sleeping bag etc.)
• Water Container and water
• Bike Helmet – for BMX Bike activity
• Uniform for travelling to and from VG and Closing Ceremony
• BYO article to screen print with VG Graphics.
Personal First Aid Kit. This needs to include paracetamol and any anti-hystermines as prescribed for your own use. Ant and spiders bites prevalent.

• Personal Information Record (PIR) Form if it hasn’t already been supplied or if there are any changes to the one you have provided, please fill in a new one and hand it in. || Leaders must also complete a PIR Form. ||
• Medical Forms must be up-to-date with ALL medical issues clearly stated. All
information provided is relevant to the care that your Venturer receives while at VG.

• No Auto Tents, Hike Tents are preferred as campsites have a few small trees in and around them.
• Shade Stuctures (small)
• Steel Tent Pegs are suggested as the ground at Gilwell could be very hard.
• Some Unit tents are available for you to use (This is why we checked them two weeks ago).

• BYO lightweight cooking equipment; we will need to carry our gear into the campsite.
• Food is available via the onsite canteen (Menu [PDF] )
• Please remember fire restrictions may apply. No open fires (fire restrictions).

NO ghetto blasters, whips, knives, laser pointers (which will not be returned!), sheath or large knives permitted. If found they will be held in Administration for safe keeping until the end of VG (so don’t bring them!), where they can be picked up after 1.30pm on the Sunday.
NO alcohol and / or non prescribed drugs are to brought to VG.
Any Venturer, 14-18 Guide, Rover, whole unit, single member or Leader found with alcohol or non prescribed drugs in their possession will be sent home immediately at their parent’s, guardians’ or own expense.

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Venturer Record Book: Check your version!

The Venturer Record Book is used by Venturers to keep a record of their ongoing Award Achievements. The Book is also an instruction tool for how to achieve the Awards. As with many such documents the Venturer Record Book has an extensive edition history with First Edition being printed in April 1973, and the current Eighth edition being printed in March 2010. It was expected that Snowgum would run out of stock of the 2009 version of the Venturer Scout Record Book, but this was not the case – Leaders have observed this version still being sold as recently as last month.

Seventh Edition January 2009

Eight [sic] Edition March 2010

Why is this a problem?
This is now a problem as we were informed at the November 2012 Zone council that Branch will no longer be accepting the older versions requirements for Queen Scout level Service or Queen Scout level Pursuits when it comes to signing of on Queen Scout applications.

* Outdoor
What’s changed? The scope of the Venturer Award level Outdoor tape (and by im-plication the Queen’s Scout Award level Outdoor tape) has been changed to differentiate it from Pursuits and Lifestyle. As of April 2010 activities chosen for Outdoor are to be more than physical and more than just outdoors, they are to be the exciting and chal-lenging activities that we portray as the image of Scouting i.e. they are to exemplify the “out in Scouting”. Team or individual sports such as canoe polo, fencing, archery and underwater hockey are great activities for Venturer Scouts to have a go, but they should be considered as within the scope of Pursuits or Lifestyle.

* Queen Scout level Service
What’s changed? In Queen’s Scout Award level Service, there were only ever meant to be two alternatives, not the three that appear on pages 84 and 85 of the seventh edition of the record book. Activity (a) of Alter-native 1 has been deleted as this is offered in Venturer Award level Service. Consequently the only choices for Alternative 1 are the current activities (b), (c), and (d), each of which have been amend-ed to state that thirty hours of service are required, not ten. Alter-native 2 on page 85 has been deleted as this also is offered in Ven-turer Award level Service. Alternative 3 on page 85 remains, but gets a new number. As of April 2010, any Venturer Scout com-pleting Queen’s Scout Award level Service is to do so according to the requirements described in this paragraph, or in the eighth or a later edition of the record book.

This means (and I have received a verbal confirmation for this) that if you have been working from a 2009 Edition you will need to photo copy the 2010 requirements for;
* Queen Scout level Service
* Queen Scout level Pursuits
and use these replacement versions in your 2009 Record Book in place of the 2009 requirements.

This does raise the whole question of Snowgum selling a product that is not fit for purpose and not supplying an addendum for rectifying the issue; but that is a rant for another time and place.

[1] Encompass Issue 31 (2011-Jun) [Scouts QLD]

Unit Programming Tools

Scouting strives to make young people responsible for their own development. It tries to encourage them to learn for themselves instead of passively receiving standardised instruction.
— Venturer Scout Method

Scouts Australia have developed programming tools for Venturers based around the Areas of Personal Growth (AoPG) Venturers framework. These are following files have been developed by Scouts Australia to assist the Unit Council and Leaders with their programming (All files © Scouts Australia 2011);

When our Unit Council develops its programs, does it take into consideration the Areas of Personal Growth and ensure that (over a period of time) all aspects are covered? To achieve our mission we must have a balance of all AoPG. By doing this we are developing well balanced youth who will have the skills and abilities to live and lead successful lives within their communities (and it makes for a more exciting program!).

Unit life is what makes Scouting attractive to young people. This atmosphere is so powerful that anyone coming into the section immediately realises that they are in a different environment that it is worth making the most of. The fact
that they perceive this is what makes them stay. The richness of unit life leads them to prefer Scouting to any other option.
If unit life is rewarding, the Patrol System will unfold all its potential, the young people will come to identify powerfully with it and it will never cross their minds to leave.

— Venturer Scout Method

Note: these are based on the 2011 Areas of Personal Growth, they are still useful but will need to be used alongside the updated Prepare for Adventure (2018) and Challenge Areas (2019) program updates.

This Week 2012-Nov-20 (Tue) Mission Improbable ?!

Good morning, Venturers. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of a stolen item designated THE PHOENIX. You may select any Six members, but it is essential that all member of your team be Venturers. From 19:45 Hours on Tuesday night you will have one and a half hours to complete your assignment. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Bring your thinking heads!

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30pm