This Week 2013-Aug-06 Rocky Horror Night

It’s astounding; Time is fleeting; Madness takes its toll. But listen closely…

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm

.. Rocky Horror is the first and only true audience partici-(SAY IT!)-pation movie. People yell back lines at the screen during the extended pauses between dialogue, dress up in costume and act out the film, and throw props various times during the film. The audience participation phenomenon was observed as early as the film’s first run in 1975 (when it bombed during limited engagements in 7 of 8 cities), and was later re-released as a midnight movie where the audience participation really began to flourish. And by the way, for the “gore sensitive”, Rocky Horror is NOT a horror film. It is a rock-musical send-up of old science-fiction and horror films. …

Dress for the occasion for our “Do it yourself” interactive, audience participation viewing
✔ There will be singing, dancing and sillyness
✘ Not all of the interactions are suitable for Venturers, remember our discussion regarding the Unit constitution and play wisely.
✔ You may wish to bring some of the props
✘ be careful which props you use as you will need to clean the hall afterwards.



August 2013 – Venturer Calendar

DRAFT August/September 2013 Venturer Calendar.

** UPDATED 2013-Jul-31 07:30AM **
(Advertised Venturer Courses marked in LIME)


Thu. 01-AUG-2013 World Scout Dollar Day (WS$D)
The funds raised for World Scout $ Day will be sent to the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement to support the Food For Life project in the African Region.

Thu. 01-AUG-2013 BARCOM 2013– applications close for trips 1 & 2

Fri. 02-AUG – Sat. 03-AUG-2013 Unit Management Course – Geelong Region
Unit Management Course – Geelong Region. Course Confirmation and Instructions will be sent to all applicants

Fri. 02-AUG – Sun. 04-AUG-2013 Leadership Course – Bays Region
Leadership Course – Bays Region

Tue. 06-AUG-2013 Rocky Horror Night [EXPRESSION]
It’s astounding; Time is fleeting; Madness takes its toll. But listen closely…
Dress for the occasion; “Do it yourself” interactive viewing.

Fri. 09-AUG – Sun. 11-AUG-2013 Iglute – Intro to XC Ski and Snow camping – Vents/Rovers
IGLUTE An intro to light weight snow camping, travelling and igloo building. Refer to notes in General Snow Activities in Section 4. (2013 InfoBook)

Fri. 09-AUG – Sun. 11-AUG-2013 Caving @ Buchan with the Victorian Scout Caving Team
For VENTURERS, about one month in advance of the caving trip, team members will come to your Scout hall and give an orientation talk on various aspects of the trip, including what to bring and what to expect.

Sat. 10-AUG-2013 Youth Helper Course, Heathmont
Saturday, 10 August 2013, 09:00am – 06:00pm

Tue. 13-AUG-2013 Bicycle Maintenance night

Tue. 20-AUG-2013 Unit in Council
Includes Unit Council elections. Get your badge work proposals together.

Fri. 23-AUG – Sat 31-AUG-2013 Whitehorse Showtime
All performances are at The Whitehorse Centre, 397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.

Fri. 23-AUG – Sun. 25-AUG-2013 Initiative Course – Mt. Dandenong Region
Initiative Course – Mt. Dandenong Region

Sat. 24-AUG – Sun. 25-AUG-2013 Brass Monkey Regatta – Lake Eppalock TBC (Sailing only) … With Swampies?

Tue. 27-AUG-2013 tba

Fri. 30-AUG – Sun. 01-SEP-2013 Hayley’s Bike Hike Expedition (VA level)


Tue. 03-SEP-2013 Rovers vs Venturers : Camp Oven Cook Off!

Sat. 07-SEP – Sun. 08-SEP-2013 Catering at Australasian Plants Expo [FUND RAISING]

Tue. 10-SEP-2013 Wide Games with 2nd Eltham

Fri. 13-SEP – Sun. 15-SEP-2013 ROVENTURE 2013
Where: Treetops – Riddells Creek Scout Camp
How Much: $35 Venturers and Rovers | $20 Leaders
What is it?: Venture/Rover Ball on Sat night / Roast Dinner / Themed Event and lots more.

Tue. 17-SEP-2013 tba

Fri. 20-SEP – Sun. 29-SEP-2013 BARCOM Expedition 1

Sat. 28-SEP – Sun. 06-OCT-2013 BARCOM Expedition 2

[Service] Region Cub Camp 20 to 23-Sep-2013


Looking to do some Venturer service badge work over the September holidays? How about helping out at the Region Cub Camp;

Cub Scout Plenty Valley Region Camp
Camp Wainganga – 2013
At: Camp Warringal north of Whittlesea
When: 20 to 23 September 2013
Cost: $150.00 per Cub, $75.00 Per Leader
(covers all Meals and Activities)

Contact: your Venturer Leaders for further details

Notice: Region Camp 2013 (PDF)
Venturer Notice: Region Cub Camp 2013 (Venturer Assistance)


See message below:

Hi Zone Venturers and Leaders,
I’ve just received an email from Clare Stirling from Milparinka Venturers regarding Paige Langley’s VA Expedition next weekend and seeking support for 3-4 Venturers to take part.
This is the last part of the Award Scheme for Paige to complete her QS Award so we are calling on Venturers from any Unit in the Zone who are prepared to participate in the hike to assist her.

Thanks in advance.
Peter Datson
District Leader – Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

This could count as your 2 day expedition for Venturer Skills.
Please contact a Venturer leader for further details.

[NOTICE] 2013-Aug-09 to 11 Caving Trip

CAVING Caving on the 9 to 11 August 2013
We will be joining with another Unit under the direction of the Scout Caving Team for a weekend of caving at Buchan in East Gippsland. To be onsite ready to go on Staurday morning, we will be leaving from the hall on Friday night to head to Buchan, which is approximately 4 or 5 hours drive from Melbourne. Two nights of camping (Friday and Saturday) are involved; you need to bring your own camping gear and all food.

* Caving-Brochure (PDF)

* Caving Notes (PDF) – includes what to bring and safety details

There are limited spots available for the adventurous caving so it will be on a first in best dressed basis, with a waiting list if for some reason someone has to pull out at the last minute. Some personal gear is also a mandatory requirements for a caving trip (listed below).

You might want to come along for a more relaxed weekend at Buchan. The Buchan Caves Reserve also contains a number of tourist caves. For any Venturer that does not wish to do the more adventurous dark caving, both the Royal Cave and Fairy Cave have guided tours conducted daily. There are also a number of walking tracks within the reserve that could be explored over the weekend.

Everyone participating in underground activities is required to bring the following personal gear:

☛ Overalls or loose fitting old clothes with long sleeves. Full coveralls are ideal (available at Aussie Disposals). Don’t forget a T-shirt and shorts to wear under the overalls.
☛ Boots which provide ankle support and have a good grip are essential. Sneakers or runners are unsuitable as they may cause the caver to slip and injure themselves. Don’t wear your good walking or hiking boots because they will become severely scuffed and soaked in mud in the caves.
☛ A primary light source, such as a “dolphin” torch. Make sure the battery is new, as it will get from 6 to 10 hours of use. Also make sure that there is a spare bulb in the torch. A shoulder strap is useful as this will free up both hands for manouvering at some spots in the caves. Other types of torches are OK, such as 2 or 3 D-cells. Alkaline batteries are the best; they are more expensive that ordinary carbon heavy duty, but they last much longer and are better value for money. Another alternative is a Petzl Zoom or similar head mounted camping light which can be attached to your helmet with the light at the front and the battery pack at the back. It will need to be secured with gaffer tape or it will just fall off.
☛ A secondary light source in case your primary light source fails. Use a penlight (AA batteries) or other small torch with spare batteries and globe. This can be stored in a pocket or tied to a string around your neck. “Glo Sticks” are prohibited as they do not provide enough light for a cave.
☛ An emergency light source for use if the other two light sources fail. A small ordinary candle and matches in a waterproof container in your pocket is ideal.

Use this as a check list as you pack your gear. Remember – if you don’t bring all the required gear – you won’t be able to go caving.

The team will supply everyone with a caving helmet for the weekend, and any other climbing gear required in the caves, such as harnesses, rope, descenders, wire ladders etc. The caving party leaders in the team are proficient in the use of climbing gear in a caving situation and will provide instruction for those who have not abseiled or climbed a wire ladder.

Gloves and knee pads are optional. They do provide protection against sharp rocks and give a slight improvement in grip. Of course they will soon get very muddy, scratched and worn in the cave environment. Gloves are not required for abseiling as it is done in a slow and controlled manner in caves.

As a safety precaution, all long hair MUST be tied back OR put into a hairnet under your helmet. Plaited hair is safer than hair that is just in a pony tail. Long hair is dangerous as it can get caught in the gear used for descending. This can be a very painful experience and may result in an unwanted hair cut.


Hi all,

A couple of special activities which were presented to the Zone Council last week.

1. Scouts Fantastic Scout Race
Sunday 4th August (open to Venturer Teams, but you need to register fast!) – see notes

* 2013 Fantastic Scout Race Registration (PDF)

2. Camp Warringal Mini Golf Course
this was discussed last year at the Zone and we agreed to assist with the re-establishment of the original course (bult by Venturers) which was destroyed during the Black Saturday fires. Any Venturers (or Leaders) are welcome to assist with the design and building of a new course before the Cub Big Camp in September. Can be a Unit or individual involvement.
Suitable for the Venturer Award Scheme in a number of areas.
See attached flyer – contact Peter Donaldson asap.

* Mini Golf Course Venturer Proposal at Zone on 15 July 2013 (PDF)

Peter Datson
District Leader – Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

This Week 2013-July-30 Re-Consituted?


As discussed at our Unit in Council, this week we will be reviewing the Unit Constitution. Regular constitution reviews create an opportunity to remind all members of what the Unit considers appropriate behaviour and refreshes our understanding of what is required of each of us as members of the Unit.

Unit Constitution
The Venturer Scout Unit is governed by an elected Unit Council, in accordance with rules provided in the Unit Constitution.
The Unit Council is responsible for the initial drafting and annual review of its Constitution, which defines the method of operation for the Unit. The content of the Constitution must reflect the requirements in Policy and Rules and relevant Branch policies.

Is a Unit Constitution really necessary? After all, we are already governed by Policy & Rules and Branch Policies. The Unit Constitution deals with the operational detail. A constitution can prevent the Unit from being dominated by the older members, because the Unit Council has been defined as being elected every six or twelve months.

It is much better to decide calmly in advance about what is acceptable behaviour and the penalties for breaches than to be seen to be “picking on” an offender when a situation arises. Similarly, it is far easier to point to a rule that says equipment may not be borrowed for personal use than to be put on the spot for a decision.

A Constitution allows the Unit’s will to be enforced without personalities, personal feelings or loyalties being involved. A regularly reviewed Constitution is not bureaucratic madness – it is a tool to aid the smooth operation of the Unit.

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm

* What is a Unit Constitution? (.pdf)
* Sample Venturer Constitution (.pdf) [SAIT]
* Sample Unit Constitution (.doc) [Scouts Australia – Greater Western Sydney Region]