[NOTICE] 2014-Mar-15 to 16 Water Skiing Weekend

Greetings Venturers – we have just been invited to attend a Water Skiing at Lake Nillahcootie with the 1st Kinglake Venturers. There are limited spots available so RSVP ASAP!

The weekend will be run by the Vic Scout Water Activities Team.
They will supply all: Water Ski Boats and Equipment, Wetsuit pants and Water Ski Jackets and all Water Skis, Knee boards and biscuits.
Cost: $40.00 per head (Includes activity fee & camp fee) Plus bring own food.




March 2014 – Venturer Calendar

calendarDRAFT March/May 2014
Venturer Calendar.

** UPDATED 2014-Mar-20 11:15PM **

(Advertised Venturer Courses marked in LIME)

MARCH 2014

Sun. 02-MAR-2014 Clean Up Australia Day (Alistair Knox Park Trestle Bridge)
Helping to clean up the Diamond creek in Eltham.

Tue. 04-MAR-2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt
In teams, you will be using your camera/phone/device to take photos of “wanted items”.
With Valley Venturers, Meet at the Hall 7:30PM
Organised by: Leaders

Tue. 11-MAR-2014 Catapult Night
Are we able to build a catapult that fires non-lethal items across the Diamond Creek?
Organised by: Matt

Fri. 14 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Initiative course – Geelong
WHERE: Eumeralla Scout Camp
CLOSING DATE: 6th March 2014

Sat. 15 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Unit management course – Yarra Batman
[Notice] 2014-Mar-15,16 Unit Management Course

Sat. 15 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Leadership course – Knox
Deposit of $30 required by Monday 24th Feb 2014

Sat. 15 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Water Skiing Weekend with 1st Kinglake
The weekend will be run by the Vic Scout Water Activities Team.
They will supply all: Water Ski Boats and Equipment, Wetsuit pants and Water Ski Jackets and all Water Skis, Knee boards and biscuits.
Cost: $40.00 per head (Includes activity fee & camp fee) Plus bring own food.

Tue. 18-MAR-2014 Swimming at WaterMarc Greensborough
Organised by: Ben

Sun. 23-MAR-2014 2014 Ironman Bike Aid Station
We are assisting 1st Chelsea Heights in operating a bike leg aid station.
Organised by: Darren

Sun. 23-MAR-2014 Group BBQ, Eltham Lower Park
Organised by: Group

Tue. 25-MAR-2014 Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?
6:45PM Unit Council
7:30PM Venturer Skills level First Aid practice and challenges.
Organised by: Darren

Sat. 29 – Sun. 30-MAR-2014 Plenty Valley Scouts Relay For Life
Come and join the team from Plenty Valley Scout Region at the Relay for Life 2014 – Diamond Valley Site – 29th and 30th March 2014. Biggest sleep over ever!!! You will get a free t-shirt and enjoy amazing company and great entertainment. More information PV Scouts- RELAY FOR LIFE 2014 [Facebook]

Sun. 30-MAR-2014 MiniBall
Instead of using air-charged paintball guns and larger paintballs (restricted to 18+ in Victoria), MiniBall uses a pump-action gun to discharge magazines of smaller caliber paintballs. The game play is the same, as is the professional marshalling and the MiniBall players find that it’s just as memorable as the normal paintball experience.
Organised by: Kira

APRIL 2014

Tue. 01-APR-2014 Last night of term.

Fri. 04-APR-2014 Last night of term.
First night of holidays. Come down to talk about and contribute your ideas about the Venturer Den. Begins at 7:30.
Organised by: Nathan.

Tue. 08-APR-2014 no Venturers

Sun. 13-APR-2014 Youth Helper Course – Northern
Closing date for applications is 22nd March.

Tue. 15-APR-2014 No Venturers

Fri. 18 – Mon. 21-APR-2014 Hoadley Hide
Hoadley Hide is an annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952). It is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year. www.hoadleyhide.com

Tue. 22-APR-2014 Wide Games at Westerfold Park with the Rovers
Organised by: Annie

Fri. 25-APR-2014 ANZAC DAY
* Dawn Service * ANZAC Day March
(our Scouts are sleeping over at the Hall on the Thursday night)

Tue. 29-APR-2014 Drop Night
The Venturers are blindfolded, placed in the boot of a vehicle … oh, wait. No they’re not that’s the plot of a cheap crime novel – we’re Venturers we don’t use blind folds! Can you find your way using a map and compass if you are dropped off at an unknown location? Time to find out.
Organised by: Leaders

MAY 2014

Fri. 02 – Sun. 04-MAY-2014 Initiative – Amazing Race Eastern Region Venturers (Gippsland)

Fri. 02 – Sun. 04-MAY-2014 Leadership – Bays Region Venturers

Tue. 06-MAY-2014 Vocations #1 – The CV
6:45PM Unit Council
7:30PM Venturers
Organised by: Justine

Sat. 10-MAY-2014 JOTT #17 – Jamboree On The Trail
Scouts Walking Together World Wide http://jott.org/

Sat. 10-MAY-2014 Youth Helper – Gippsland

Tue. 13-MAY-2014 “Pie in the Sky”
Time to hang the tables and chairs from the roof and eat some pie!
Organised by:

Tue. 20-MAY-2014Vocations #2 – The Interview
Organised by: Justine

Fri. 23 – Sat. 24-MAY-2014 Unit Management – Western Region Venturers

Sat. 24 – Sun. 25-MAY-2014 Burger Challenge
The Big Burger Challenge is a two day event open to Venturers and Rovers, where the Dandenong Venturer Unit challenges you to make a bigger & better burger than they can.
Entry Fee, payable on the night, is $20.00 per Team. Badges are $2.50

Wed. 28-MAY-2014 Graffiti Walk “What is Street Art?”
Starting from Flinders St, via Hosier lane and finishing up at Blenders Lane.
Organised by: Kira

[NOTICE] Fri. 18 – Mon. 21-APR-2014 Hoadley Hide

Hoadley Hide is the annual activity-based camp and competition hike for Venturers, run by Rovers and Leaders each Easter in bushland Victoria. The Hoadley Hide 2014 “A History of the World” will be held over the Easter long-weekend (Good Friday 18th April to Easter Monday 21st April 2013) in State Forest close to Maryborough in central Victoria. Teams will meet each night at the Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) to share the entertainment and participate in some new activities.

To register for the event (both youth and adults), visit www.hoadleyhide.com
* A team of 5 is ideal, but teams of 4 or 6 members is acceptable

4 Apr 2014: Online Bonus Points cease
4 Apr 2014: Transport Shuttle tickets cease
11 Apr 2014: Registrations Close
18 Apr 2014: Hoadley Hide 2014 starts
21 Apr 2014: Hoadley Hide 2014 finishes

NOTE: The Venturing Skills Award is a pre-requisite to attend Hoadley Hide for Venturer Scouts. This ensures you are prepared to undertake adventurous activities such as lightweight hiking. Those teams undertaking their Initiative Course award also require their Venturing Skills Award to be eligible for the Initiative award.

[NOTICE] Sat. 29 – Sun. 30-MAR-2014 Plenty Valley Scouts Relay For Life

RelayForLife Relay for Life 2014
Diamond Valley Site
29th and 30th March 2014

Date: Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 March 2014
Location: Willinda Park, Beatrix Street, Greensborough, VIC 3088
Setup: 10:00AM Saturday
Start Time: 12:45PM Saturday
Finish Time: 1:00PM Sunday

Come and join the team from Plenty Valley Scout Region at the Relay for Life 2014.
This will be the Biggest sleep over ever!!! It is going to be 24hrs of fun and entertainment, while supporting a very important cause.
1st Eltham Venturers are looking at doing a late shift (eg midnight to 6am?) and then heading off to MiniBall (Junior PaintBall)

1.) Go to the Relay for Life registration page, select the ‘Plenty Valley Team’ and complete your registration. A credit card is required and members under 18 will need to have a parent or guardian register and complete the information on their behalf. You will get a free t-shirt and enjoy amazing company and great entertainment.
All registrations need to be completed by 21st March 2014.
2.) When you have registered please fill out the form to help work out the roster.
3.) You can then invite your friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts during the relay.
4.) Don’t forget to bring a completed PIR – Relay 4 life 2014.

Who will you be walking for?

2014-Mar-02 (Sun) Clean Up Australia Day


Sunday March 2nd is Clean Up Australia Day and we will be helping to clean up the Diamond creek in Eltham.

TIME: 09:00am – 12.00 noon

MEET: Under the trestle railway bridge near Panther Place, Alistair Knox Park, Eltham.
Youth will have to register on the day. Everyone (inc parents / siblings) welcome to attend and clean up the park, river and surrounds.

CLOTHING: Wear old clothes, old runners and hat; don’t forget the sunscreen and water bottle. You also need to bring gloves preferably the work/garden type.

VENTURERS: As with previous years, we will be concentrating on pulling trolleys and larger items from the creek. If you have wetsuit it might be worthwhile wearing. If river conditions are not suitable we will move to other targets.

This Week 2014-Feb-25 Bike Ride

**Updated 11:50PM 25-Feb-2014**

MEET: at the hall at 6:30pm 7:30pm
(Updated to 7:30pm not 6:30pm as listed in the draft calendar)
We will invest Ruben & Emily along the trail.
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30pm

Make sure your bike is road worthy and it has lights and you have a helmet that fits and that you will wear.
• Bring a Myki for transport back to Eltham.
• Dress warm as it will be cool.
• Make sure your bike has lights that work.
No uniform is required to be worn on the ride, but bring it along for the investiture.

Please bring along your filled out permission and medical form (PIR).

Organised by: Nathan