February 2014 – Venturer Calendar

calendarDRAFT February/April 2014
Venturer Calendar.

** UPDATED 2014-Feb-25 11:50AM **

(Advertised Venturer Courses marked in LIME)


Reminder: Term 1 Subs of $15.00 per Venturer is due at the start of Term.

Tue. 04-FEB-2014 Welcome to 2014 (HALL 7:30pm-9:30pm)
恭喜发财 Chinese New Year – 2014 Year of the Horse
Can we steam dumplings in a tin can, cook fried rice in alfoil?
Can we rescue the fortune writer held captive in the fortune cookie factory?

Tue. 11-FEB-2014 Unit in Council
Let’s get our awesome plans for 2014 down on paper!

Sat. 16-FEB-2014 District Founders Day Raft Race
Activities for ALL sections Joeys to Rovers and may be leaders as well. More details soon.

Tue. 18-FEB-2014 Games night & Pack trailer for AG

Fri. 21-FEB – Sun. 23-FEB-2014 Anything Goes
Anything Goes, or AG as its known is a fun packed activity weekend held in February each year, it provides an excellent opportunity for Venturers to kick off the year. Held each year at Lardner Park in Drouin it’s only 70 minutes from Melbourne, and is usually held on the last weekend in February. There is a range of fun on and off site activities which you can do including, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, 4WDing, Archery, High Ropes Course, Cams Development Program & Canoeing as well as many on site activities.

Tue. 25-FEB-2014 Bike Ride
7:30PM Bring your bike for a ride to Heidelberg along the Diamond Creek trail, and Main Yarra Trail. Bring a Myki for transport back to Eltham.
We will also invest Ruben & Emily along the trail.
Organised by: Nathan

Tue. 25-FEB-2014 Whitehorse Showtime 2014 – Cast Applications open until the end of Tuesday 25th Feb

MARCH 2014

Sun. 02-MAR-2014 Clean Up Australia Day (Alistair Knox Park Trestle Bridge)

Tue. 04-MAR-2014 Swimming at WaterMarc Greensborough
Organised by: Ben

Tue. 11-MAR-2014 Catapult Night
Are we able to build a catapult that fires non-lethal items across the Diamond Creek?
Organised by: Matt

Fri. 14 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Initiative course – Geelong

Sat. 15 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Unit management course – Yarra Batman

Sat. 15 – Sun 16-MAR-2014 Leadership course – Knox

Tue. 18-MAR-2014 Night Abseiling at Watsonia
With Scout Abseiling – Diamond Valley Abseilers
We’ll also practice some of the Venturer Skill climbing and rescue knots.
Organised by: Nathan

Sun. 23-MAR-2014 Group BBQ, Eltham Lower Park
Organised by: Group

Tue. 25-MAR-2014 Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?
6:45PM Unit Council
7:30PM Venturer Skills level First Aid practice and challenges.
Organised by: Darren

Sat. 29 – Sun. 30-MAR-2014 Plenty Valley Scouts Relay For Life
Come and join the team from Plenty Valley Scout Region at the Relay for Life 2014 – Diamond Valley Site – 29th and 30th March 2014. Biggest sleep over ever!!! You will get a free t-shirt and enjoy amazing company and great entertainment. More information PV Scouts- RELAY FOR LIFE 2014 [Facebook]

Sun. 30-MAR-2014 MiniBall
Instead of using air-charged paintball guns and larger paintballs (restricted to 18+ in Victoria), MiniBall uses a pump-action gun to discharge magazines of smaller caliber paintballs. The game play is the same, as is the professional marshalling and the MiniBall players find that it’s just as memorable as the normal paintball experience.
Organised by: Kira

APRIL 2014

Tue. 01-APR-2014 no Venturers

Tue. 08-APR-2014 no Venturers

Sun. 13-APR-2014 Youth Helper Course (Northern)

Tue. 15-APR-2014 no Venturers

Fri. 18 – Mon. 21-APR-2014 Hoadley Hide
Hoadley Hide is an annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952). It is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

Tue. 22-APR-2014 Wide Games at Westerfold with the Rovers
Organised by: Annie

Tue. 29-APR-2014 Drop Night
The Venturers are blindfolded, placed in the boot of a vehicle … oh, wait. No they’re not that’s the plot of a cheap crime novel – we’re Venturers we don’t use blind folds!
Can you find your way using a map and compass if you are dropped off at an unknown location? Time to find out.
Organised by: Leaders


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