This Week 2014-Apr-01 Last night of term

This week things will be a little more relaxed as we’ve just had a pretty full on weekend.
We’ll see if the rear roller door can open onto the “Venturer patio”, is there room there for a fire drum?

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm


This Weekend 2014-Mar-30 (Sun) Miniball



When: Sunday 30th March 2014. We need to be there by 10:45am for a 11am check in and it will run to 4pm. We’ll be heading there straight after/from the Plenty Valley Scouts Relay For Life (Travel time is 45 minutes so we will be leaving Willinda Park at 9:50am – you now get a sleep in?!).
* Delta Force MiniBall AUS Itinerary [PDF]

Where: Off Junction Rd, Dingley Village, VIC
* Dingley – Directions & Map [PDF]

What you need:
βœ” Old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on and run around in (no singlets, leggings or short-shorts and wear closed shoes please),
βœ” for the boys I suggest a crotch guard (cricket box) (they are sold there as well)
βœ” lunch or money to buy lunch there
βœ” armoured gloves can be purchased there if you want them

Who’s going?:
1. Matt
2. Kira
3. Sam
4. Max
5. Annie
6. Chris M
7. Justine
8. Sarah
9. Stuart
10. Darren
11. Lew
12. Liam R
13. — vacant —
14. — vacant —

How much?: This has changed, please read carefully.
The initial $25 pays for the 1st 3 magazines (this is what we’ve already paid)
After that there are 3 options for paying for extra magazines on the day
– $10 per magazine
– $25 for 3 magazines
– $200 for a bulk pack which can be shared between players (33 magazines – approx 500 paintballs)
There is a pizza option (ring the day before and order if want to do this) of pizzas at $9.95 per 9″ pizza (feeds 1-2 people). The three flavours available are: Hawaiian, Margarita, Pepperoni

Please bring a completed Parent Consent Form and PIR for this event.
* Dingley Parent Consent Form [PDF] The minimum age to play miniballl in VIC is 10 years old and players between 10 years and 17 years of age must have a waiver completed by a parent or guardian. Photo ID is required.
* PIR – Personal Information Record [PDF]

Organised by: Kira

April 2014 – Venturer Calendar

calendarDRAFT April/July 2014
Venturer Calendar.

** UPDATED 2014-Mar-20 11:45PM **

(Advertised Venturer Courses marked in LIME)

APRIL 2014

Tue. 01-APR-2014 Last night of term.

Fri. 04-APR-2014 Last night of term.
First night of holidays. Come down to talk about and contribute your ideas about the Venturer Den. Begins at 7:30.
Organised by: Nathan.

Tue. 08-APR-2014 no Venturers

Sun. 13-APR-2014 Youth Helper Course – Northern
Closing date for applications is 22nd March.

Tue. 15-APR-2014 No Venturers

Fri. 18 – Mon. 21-APR-2014 Hoadley Hide
Hoadley Hide is an annual Scouting activity (started back in 1952). It is a competitive event where Teams of Venturers hike from activity to activity (called stunts), which are run by groups of Leaders and Rover Crews. The Hide is organised by the Victorian State Venturer Scout Council of Scouts Australia and runs over the Easter period from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Venturer Scouts and Guides from all over the state (and from other states of Australia) come to take part in this exciting activity that is a highlight of the Venturing year.

Tue. 22-APR-2014 Wide Games at Westerfold Park with the Rovers
Organised by: Annie

Fri. 25-APR-2014 ANZAC DAY
* Dawn Service * ANZAC Day March
(our Scouts are sleeping over at the Hall on the Thursday night)

Mon. 28-APR-2014 Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council
7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave

Tue. 29-APR-2014 Drop Night
The Venturers are blindfolded, placed in the boot of a vehicle … oh, wait. No they’re not that’s the plot of a cheap crime novel – we’re Venturers we don’t use blind folds! Can you find your way using a map and compass if you are dropped off at an unknown location? Time to find out.
Organised by: Leaders

MAY 2014

Fri. 02 – Sun. 04-MAY-2014 Initiative – Amazing Race Eastern Region Venturers (Gippsland)

Fri. 02 – Sun. 04-MAY-2014 Leadership – Bays Region Venturers

Tue. 06-MAY-2014 Vocations #1 – The CV
6:45PM Unit Council
7:30PM Venturers
Organised by: Justine

Thu. 08-MAY-2014 First Aid – Banyule District First Aid Courses – Course #1
Banyule District hall, Turnham Avenue Rosanna

Sat. 10-MAY-2014 JOTT #17 – Jamboree On The Trail
Scouts Walking Together World Wide

Sat. 10-MAY-2014 Youth Helper – Gippsland

Tue. 13-MAY-2014 “Pie in the Sky”
Time to hang the tables and chairs from the roof and eat some pie!
Organised by:

Tue. 20-MAY-2014 Vocations #2 – The Interview
Organised by: Justine

Fri. 23 – Sat. 24-MAY-2014 Unit Management – Western Region Venturers

Sat. 24 – Sun. 25-MAY-2014 Burger Challenge
The Big Burger Challenge is a two day event open to Venturers and Rovers, where the Dandenong Venturer Unit challenges you to make a bigger & better burger than they can.
Entry Fee, payable on the night, is $20.00 per Team. Badges are $2.50

Wed. 28-MAY-2014 Graffiti Walk “What is Street Art?”
Starting from Flinders St, via Hosier lane and finishing up at Blenders Lane.
Organised by: Kira

JUNE 2014

Tue. 03-JUN-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Tue. 10-JUN-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Sat. 14 – Sun. 15-JUN-2014 Ideals – Values & Visions, Lerderderg

Sun. 15-JUN-2014 Ideals – Visit to Anglican Church, Canterbury

Tue. 17-JUN-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Sat. 21-JUN-2014 Unit Management – Knox
Note that this is a ONE DAY COURSE. 2nd Knoxfield Scout Hall, Egan-Lee Reserve, Wallace Road, Knoxfield

Tue. 24-JUN-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Fri. 27-JUN – Sat. 05-JUL-2014 Snow Venture #1 – Bogong Chalet
An awesome opportunity to learn how or to improve your skiing. Limited to a total of 35 people ‐ applications from Venturers received with money are given first priority. Cost of $465 includes $295 for the Snow Venture, $60 transport from Melbourne, $110 ski hire and an absolutely unforgettable amazing experience with others in the snow! Venturers to be over 15 years of age at the time of Snow Venture.

JULY 2014

Tue. 01-JUL-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Sat. 04 – Sun. 05-JUL-2014 Unit Management – Gippsland

Tue. 08-JUL-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Fri. 11 – Sun. 13-JUL-2014 Ideals – Deep Thought, Healesville
Do you want to know the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Well, we probably won’t be able to tell you that, but we will help you develop a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you. A challenging and fun weekend, where you will examine religion, sex and relationships, Scout Promise and Law, drugs and other current moral and social issues. The Programme involves a mix of videos, games and discussions. Venturers must be 16 years of age.
Elliott Lodge ‐ Healesville

Tue. 15-JUL-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Thu. 17-JUL-2014 First Aid – Banyule District First Aid Courses – Course #2
Banyule District hall, Turnham Avenue Rosanna

Fri. 18 – Sun. 20-JUL-2014 Leadership – Western

Tue. 22-JUL-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

Tue. 29-JUL-2014 to be confirmed at Unit Council
Organised by:

[Notice] Banyule District First aid courses; Thursday 8th May or Thursday 17th July 2014

Banyule District First Aid Courses


WHEN: Thursday 8th May or Thursday 17th July, both 7pm sharp start!
WHERE: Banyule District hall, Turnham Avenue Rosanna
(Station Street end, near the tennis courts)
CONTACT: Anthony Evans,
COST: Cost for CPR refresher c.$50 per person, Level 2 first aid c.$110 per person
Discounted if more than 20 people participate each night. Each group will be required to pay once numbers are finalised.

The courses will be open to older Youth members (13 – 14+), leaders and families connected to Scouting in the District. All first aid training is linked to accredited units of competence and is delivered by Revive 2 Survive (a Private RTO). As to what course you plan to undertake and your preferred date; first in – best dressed! A minimum of 8 participants on each night to undertake Level 2 first aid, so there may be a cap on CPR refresher numbers. The aim is for 22 people in each course.

The course is in two parts;
* The first two hours address CPR refresher (HLTAID001 Provide CPR). This is recommended annually for those that have completed first aid training.
* If you want to complete a Level 2 qualification (HLTAID003 Provide First Aid), you will stay on for another 1 Β½ hours. Assessment will be via completion of in-session activities and a test which is mailed directly to Revive 2 Survive.

For first aid training to appear on your Scouting record, you will need to arrange for a copy of your statement to be certified and mailed / emailed to the Western Scout centre.

Contact: Anthony Evans
DLATS – Banyule District

This Week 2014-Mar-25 Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?

MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm

Venturing Skills First Aid
1. Be able to explain the major principles of casualty treatment.
2. Demonstrate two of the following:
2.i. treatment of hypothermia and hyperthermia
2.ii. treatment of major bleeding
2.iii. C.P.R.

Tonight we will run through some Venturing Skills level First Aid practice and challenges.There may WILL be blood and gore (at least some tomato sauce), there may be resuscitation dummies in weird predicaments, there may be leaders with head injuries (how would you know?), you may be required to assist in rescues or in applying bandaids or anything in between … how much blood does the old man have in him?


2014-Mar-25 Unit Council

Unit Council MEETING START: 6:45 pm
LOCATION: Venturer Den

Venturer Units are run by a group of elected youth members who along with the Venturer Leaders form the Unit Council. Ideally the Unit Council meets once a month and Unit Council positions are elected every 12 months.
The Unit Council members are: Unit Chairman, Deputy Unit Chairman, Unit Secretary, Unit Treasurer, Unit Equipment Officer (Quartermaster) and Unit Log Book Officer.

1.0 Minutes of Last Meeting
2.0 Business Arising from Minutes
3.0 Correspondence In
4.0 Correspondence Out
5.0 Leaders Report
6.0 Financial Report
7.0 District Report
8.0 Awards / Proposals / Completions (Bring along your planning)
Please use the Badge Activity Statement v1.0 [PDF] form when submitting a badge work proposal to the Unit Council.
9.0 New Business
10.0 Next Meeting

* BYO Snacks!