Proposed changes – March 2014 Program

Gidday Guys, we have had some booking and cancellation issues for this Month’s program. The following is a revised version of the program shuffling a few night around to get us back on track. What do you think?

Tue. 04-MAR-2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt
In teams, you will be using your camera/phone/device to take photos of “wanted items”.
With Valley Venturers, Meet at the Hall 7:30PM
Organised by: Leaders

Tue. 11-MAR-2014 Catapult Night
Are we able to build a catapult that fires non-lethal items across the Diamond Creek?
Organised by: Matt

Tue. 18-MAR-2014 Swimming at WaterMarc Greensborough
Organised by: Ben

Tue. 25-MAR-2014 Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?
6:45PM Unit Council
7:30PM Venturer Skills level First Aid practice and challenges.
Organised by: Darren

** Night Abseiling at Watsonia – Organised by: Nathan, moved to term 3?


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