This Week 2014-Jun-27 (Fri) Gang Show

FRIDAY 27/6/2014
1845: Venturers will meet down at the hall with all their sleepover equipment.
1930: The show begins at the Besen Performance Arts Centre, Burwood. 87-89 Station Street. See note on transport.
2245: The show finishes around this time but it could be running on Scout Time and therefore a little later.
2300: The after-party is located only 15 minutes max from the theater. I am still unaware of the location for the after party. I will inform you as soon as I find out. I will be at the after party, too. – Nathan

SATURDAY 28/6/2014
0100: The part concludes at One o’clock on Saturday Morning. From here Venturers will return back to the Scout Hall to do whatever it is they do when they are “sleeping”.
0900?: Whenever the Venturers wake up and can summon the energy to march down to McDonalds in the suits and dresses they can do so.

TRANSPORT: via leaders (Darren, Lew & Rod)

TICKETS: Venturers are paying $13 and the Unit pays for the other half of the ticket. This includes the after-party with a DJ and theater admission. (Tickets have been purchased for Kira, Ruben and Annie)


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