ZONE VENTURER COUNCIL – Monday 15 December 2014

ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Monday 15 December 2014 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna (1st Eltham Venturers to chair meeting: Sarah).

Zone Minutes from November 2014 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader.

Our final ZVC meeting for 2014.
This is traditionally a shortish meeting for Award Scheme and other news and them a breakup to celebrate 2014 and the 2015 Venturing year.
Please bring a plate to share and we’ll supply some drinks.

Some Reminders:
* Last minute queries on Award Scheme for AV2015
* Ideas for 2015 Zone activities
* Leader Training 2015
* Water Ski Weekend and Zone UMC (both 14/15 March)
* 15th February – “Big Day Scout”
* Youth Program Review – Feedback on Ideals

* 2015 Training Calendar (Venturers-Adv Activities-Youth Helper) [PDF]
* 2014-Dec06 (Sat.) WH Mosque Open Day [PDF]


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