White Ribbon Scarves and Woggles

White-Ribbon White Ribbon
On average, one woman is killed every week as a result of intimate partner violence. Children are also victims of domestic violence. One in four children are exposed to domestic violence which is a recognized form of child abuse. Scouting can do something about this.
Building greater equality and respect between men and women can reduce attitudes that support violence and educate all of us. This is a shameful and sadly often hidden crime that needs to be addressed and it is incumbent on all good men and women to ensure that we stand up and say that violence against women and children is both intolerable and unacceptable.
Scouting supported the White Ribbon campaign in 2014 with the release of a special scarf that the State Team wore in November to coincide with White Ribbon Day on November 25.

This year scarves are available to all Venturers, Rovers and adults in Scouting who wish to wear one to show their support. Simply swear the White Ribbon Oath in front of the Group or Section to be presented with the scarf. Woggles will also be available in a collaboration with the ACT Branch.

❝ i swear
never to commit, excuse
or remain silent about
violence against women
this is my oath ❞

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I urge all of our adult members to support this cause. Please join me in saying no to violence against women and children.
• White Ribbon Scarves (black with a white ribbon and a special yellow ribbon for Luke Batty) $10
• White Ribbon Woggles $2
All proceeds to White Ribbon to support this cause.
— Brendan Watson, Chief Commissioner

Order forms are now available at www.vicscouts.com.au

via Scouts Victoria Update,
Tuesday, October 27 2015.


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