This Week 2015-Dec-01 Lights, Camera, Action!

Bring a skit, a stunt or an act. Bring a costume. Bring yourself 🙂
Tonight we hit the stage for our first “Lights, Camera, Action!”.
There will be theatre sports, there will be games, there will be lights (and if you are unlucky leaders on Singstar *oh the horror!*)

We will also finish off the night packing the trailer so we are ready for VG this weekend.


Singing and acting are excellent for training in self-expression. Also they mean good team work, everybody learning his part and doing it well, not for applause for himself but for the success of the whole show.
— Robert Baden-Powell

MEETING START: 7:30 pm sharp

Looking for ideas?


Venturer Calendar: Term 1 2016 [DRAFT]

calendarVenturer Program : Term 1 2016 [DRAFT]
Venturer Calendar.

** UPDATED 2015-Dec-10 10:10PM **

Click on image below to open a Adobe PDF copy of the program.
All links and additional information has been moved across to the Google calendar listing. This is a change to a full term calendar vs the previous rolling three month calendar. Let us know in the comments if this new format works for you.

NOTE: There are still nights that require a Venturer to organise – look for the ?. Have a look through the list and choose one that you wish to do and let the Unit Chair & Leaders know so we can update the program.

And so that you can start preparing your diary for 2016:

We need to resolve the following asap;
1.) Great Ocean Walk – who’s going? Badge work or fun? Camp site bookings.
2.) Scout night – confirm date with Scouts. Tues 1st March, or the Monday night prior?
3.) Pizza on the roof (15-Mar-2015) : will need the updated climbing gear and new platform ladder for this night to proceed.
4.) High Ropes Camp with Scouts – The selected weekend is Easter, which will clash with Hoadley Hide and Stradbroke so this is best pushed into Q2-2016
5.) Sun 6th March 2015 is Clean Up Australia Day. We need to arrange and advertise a “Platypus Project” event as a part of the activities.
6.) Annie’s QS presentation
7.) Annie & Nathan *voted of the Island* the tribe has spoken farewell night, liaise with the appropriate Rover units if they are to be kidnapped that night?
8.) Snorkeling (Feb 6-7) – given how many weekends are now taken, ant the cost of the activity, should we drop this from the Q1 program?

This Week 2015-Nov-24 Platypus Project : Macroinvertebrate Sampling


Why sample macroinvertebrates?
Macroinvertebrates are useful indicators of the health or condition of wetlands and other water bodies. They respond to many kinds of pollution, including chemical pollution and physical disturbance to the landscape around the site, wetland structure, and hydrology.

This week we will test some pre-collected water samples from around Eltham, we will see if the macroinvertebrates can tell us a story about the location the water samples were taken, how good the water quality might be and if the area might be good habitat. If you haven’t used the water quality chemical testing kits, it would also be a good night to give them a test.

Once you have your technique sorted, wouldn’t it be great to get out and do some samples (and games) with the Joeys and the Cubs using the “Mini Beasts” theme? We’ll test a few games and see if they would be good to run with the Joey Mob or Cub Packs.

MEETING START: 7:00 pm sharp
ORGANISER(S): Chris, Tracy, Darren

[NOTICE] 2015-Nov-21 (Sat) Eltham Festival 2015

ElthamFestival2015 SATURDAY 21st Nov 2015
The Scout Group is running a fundraising stall at the Eltham Festival, this is a great opportunity for Venturers to raise money towards the Venture. Rotary are accommodating us in one of the business marquees.

We will need some Venturers to meet at the hall at 8.30am on Saturday to pack drinks, the esky & other equipment. Then do the short set up at the park.

We also need to have Venturers at the park by 4pm ready to make Fairy floss & sell drinks. The staff will run for 5 hours on the Saturday night.

This Week 2015-Nov-17 Bike Ride


Start at the hall 7:30pm
Finish at the Hall 9:30 pm.

We will be riding along the Diamond Creek trail from the Scout Hall to Diamond Ck.

Make sure your bike is road worthy, that it has lights, and that you have a helmet that fits and that you will wear.
• Dress warm as it may be cool.
• Make sure your bike has lights that work.
• No uniform is required.
• If you wish to bring some $ for an ice cream at McDonalds

Please bring along your filled out permission and medical form (PIR).

ZONE VENTURER COUNCIL – Monday 16 November 2015

ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Monday 16 November 2015 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna (3rd Doncaster East Venturers to chair meeting).

Zone Minutes from October 2015 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader. These now list all the Venturer courses so please ensure that you read them.

* Sharing Work amongst Members of Yarra Batman ZVC during 2016 [DOC]
* Survey YB ZVC 2015 DRAFT v2 [DOC]
* Ideals, Citizenship & Lifestyle Options for Consideration by Venturers & Units – YBZ List of Books & DVDs for VAS [DOC]
* Street Orienteering [PDF]

NOTE: December 2015 meeting to be chaired by 1st Eltham is THURSDAY 10th December 2015

[Notice] 2015-Dec-18 (Fri) Yarra Batman Venturer Zone end of term Abseiling

Abseil Yarra Batman Venturer Zone end of term Abseiling
When: Friday, December 18 at 7:30pm
Where: Watsonia Scout Centre in Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
Cost: abseilers to contribute $8 and bring PIR

Please join us for a social end of term / end of year activity. Please invite anyone in your Venturer circle to attend.

There will barbecue set up for anyone that wants it and will be cold drinks on sale.