ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Monday 21st March 2016 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna (1st Ivanhoe to chair meeting).

Zone Minutes from February 2016 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader. These now list all the Venturer courses so please ensure that you read them.

For those who have not heard, Jerry Winston has been unwell and received heart bypass surgery a few weeks ago. He is doing well and currently in rehab, but not yet up to visitors or phone calls. We wish him a speedy recovery and there will be a Get Well card to sign at the meeting.

In the interim, please direct enquiries to me.

Also on the sicklist is Duncan McColl who has had an operation on his foot (but not from skiing in Japan in the last few weeks). As well, Israel Carrol is also nursing some injuries. Best wishes to your both for a speedy recovery.

The minutes were sent out earlier this month from Steve Dennis. Please bring your copy to the meeting.

Finally – WHAT’S ON!
– Go to Venturers Victoria Facebook for the latest details
– All courses are on MyScout under Venturers / Courses and Visits
– See attached details on Bahai Ideals Visits.

Peter Datson
Scouts Victoria
Venturer Scout Commissioner – Region

* 2016 Bahai Ideals Visits [PDF]


This Week 2016-Mar-22 Search & Rescue

BSAR-searchers-in-field-manual-coverBush Search and Rescue Victoria is a dedicated volunteer search and rescue group active in the state of Victoria, Australia and is a division of Bushwalking Victoria Inc. Bush Search and Rescue participates in land-based search and rescue activities for persons lost in the bush, in conjunction with and under direction from the Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad. The group was formed in 1949 when several volunteer bushwalkers were involved in an extended search at Wilson’s Promontory.
Bush Search and Rescue volunteers are often asked to participate in searches at short notice, in adverse weather conditions and in rough and extreme terrain. Bush Search and Rescue has the ability to send out small, self-sufficient search groups that can navigate accurately without landmarks and stay out overnight.
Bushwalkers, ski tourers and other outdoors people, experienced and comfortable in a bush environment, are always needed for this role.
Bush Search and Rescue Victoria

This week Ross Mckinnon will be giving us a talk on Bush Search and Rescue including some practical safety ideas to use when we are out hiking, and some techniques that are used to locate missing people.

Organised by: Darren

Venturer Calendar: Term 2 2016 [DRAFT]

calendarVenturer Program : Term 2 2016 [DRAFT]
Venturer Calendar.

** NOTES UPDATED 2016-Mar-16 12:15PM – T2 Program v0.01 DRAFT**

Attached is a mostly blank template for Q2-2016, this means that there are still lots of nights that require a Venturer to organise. Have a look through the list and choose one that you wish to do and let the Unit Chair & Leaders know so we can update the program. From the last full year plan Q2 (Apr.May.Jun) was to have a 🔥 FIRE ACTIVITY FOCUS 🔥, with 1 Weekend outdoor activity per month (minimum).

* APR – 25th ANZAC Day – Unit sleepover at hall
* APR – Hoadley Hide (not happening for 2016)
* First Aid, Safety, Preparation
* Campfire night
* Combined night with the Rover Crew (date to be confirmed)

To also consider as we will need to book several of these before we get there, Q3 (Apr.May.Jun) was to have a ❄ SNOW ACTIVITY FOCUS ❄;
* Baw Baw Chalet
* Bennet’s Lodge – base for a hike
* Iglute, Snow Venture, Snow Adventure Information Night (Kooranunda?)
* Cross Country Skiing with the Rover Crew
* Snow Show hike

Click on image below to open a Adobe PDF copy of the program.
All links and additional information will be included in the Google calendar listing.

This Week 2016-Mar-15 Wide Games

This week we will play some wide games and also assist or QM put away some of the gear in the Venturer Den as the Den is starting to be a bit too shambolic. Bring some music, bring some snacks, and bring some jokes. Wear casual clothes but wear your scarf and we’ll have a bit of fun.


NOTE: We will hold off on the tent surfing night until we can have a combined night with with North Eltham Venturers.

Organised by: Scott

This Week 2016-Mar-08 Family BBQ

Tuesday 2016-Mar-08 Group BBQ
The Venturers have been requested to assist with setting up the BBQ and cooking the sausages.
Please meet at the hall at 6pm to pack the small trailer and transport gear (BBQ, Esky, etc.) to Alistair Knox Park by 6:30pm. Sausages to be cooked by 7:00pm.
We will not have a separate Venturer night following the BBQ so we can stay on at the park with the Group.

family bbq 08.03.2016
NOTICE: Family BBX 08.03.2016 [PDF]

LOCATION: Hall, moving to Alistair Knox Park with the BBQ