[NOTICE] 2016-Jun-07 Night Drop

The Venturers are all given a Voight-Kampff test before being … oh, wait. No they’re not, that’s the plot of a Sci-Fi novel – we’re Venturers and we don’t have any electric sheep! Following on from our Venturing Skills night; can you find your way using a map and compass if you are dropped off at an unknown location? Time to find out.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Lightweight packs on the shoulder of Scouts. I watched Trangias glitter in the dark near mountain streams. All those moments will be lost in time, if you…can’t…navigate. Time to hike. (with apologies to Roy Batty)

Come dressed appropriately for the weather, we don’t want any ‘tears in rain‘.

MEETING START: 7:30 pm (sharp)
** Let us know if you are running late as we will be driving Venturers to the mystery drop off point and you don’t want to be left behind! **
LOCATION: 1st Eltham Scout Hall
Organised by: Leaders


This Week 2016-May-31 Venturing Skills


As we have a number of Scouts linking into the Unit let’s get their Venturing Skills ticked off so that they can jump in at the deep end and get into some awesome activities. If you already have your Venturing Skills come along prepared to pass along the skills to the new members.

The main purpose of the Venturing Skills award is to ensure that you can safely “handle yourself” in a camping or hiking situation, to the satisfaction of the both the Unit and the Venturer leader. The Venturing Skills is therefore a “foundation stone” for your future as a Venturer and is the only “compulsory” award that you must complete. Once you have your Venturing Skills award, you are considered a “technically competent” Venturer and no longer need a “sponsor” (although you should always continue to ask for advice where you are unsure).

Tonight the Unit will run a Venturing skills night, where the older members will assist the younger members with their essential Venturing skills.
* Venturing Skills Award requirements [PDF]
* Venturing Skills Award Information [PDF]

re: How to tie, and show the practical use of, four knots or rescue devices chosen by the Unit from the Unit’s activities.
Currently the four knots selected by the Unit are;
* Clove Hitch
* Truckie’s Hitch (Double Shank/Hitch), we use the sheepshank variant
* Re threaded Figure of 8
* Prussik knot

Organised by: Darren

[NOTICE] 2016-May-27 Ideals Visit – Temple Beth Israel


WHEN: Friday 27th May 2016. 7.45 to 9.30pm

LOCATION: Temple Beth Israel (Synagogue)
76-82 Alma Road, St Kilda, (Between Chapel Street and St Kilda Road) Victoria, 3182

Venturers, Rovers and Leaders are invited to attend a special night at Temple Beth Israel. Learn about the Jewish religion and beliefs in an informal setting. Please arrive by 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start. Please wear full uniform. A great opportunity to go behind the scenes of a working synagogue and see its artifacts and talk to some people knowledgeable in the Jewish faith.

Venturers: remember to bring your Venturer Record Book to be signed.
Uniform should be worn as well as a hat. If you don’t have a hat you can borrow one when you arrive.

* VicScouts : Event Calendar : Temple Beth Israel (Ideals Visit)

This Week 2016-May-24 Preparations for Queen’s Scout Presentation

AQSA_Logo This Tuesday night the Unit is meeting at the Hall to setup for Annie’s Queen’s Scout presentation on on Sunday 29th May 2016.

We will need to sort out the flags, the AV system, pump up the volume, pump up the volume! and all of the other items required to make the hall look great on the day.

We will also be having a run through the presentation for all of the Venturers who have a formal part in the ceremony.


Sunday 29th May 2016:
The ceremony starts at 6:00pm on Sunday, please be early and be in full uniform.

[Notice] 2016-May-29 Annie’s Queen’s Scout Presentation


Come and join Annie at the presentation of her Queen’s Scout award on Sunday 29th May 2016. Starting at 6pm at the 1st Eltham scout (Youth Road, Eltham) hall directly behind Eltham train station.
All invested scouting members please wear your full uniform. Finger food will be provided after the formal presentation.

RSVP by the 13th May 2016 please.
(Yes I know this is posted after the date, but RSVP as soon as possible)

The ceremony starts at 6pm on the Sunday, please be early and be in full uniform.


ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Monday 16th May 2016 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna (1st Ivanhoe to chair meeting).

Zone Minutes from April 2016 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader. These now list all the Venturer courses so please ensure that you read them.

Bring your QS Proposals/Completions and hear about what other Units are doing.