This Week 2016-SEP-13 Camp Oven Challenge

Camp Oven

Camp Oven Cook Off!

1.) Prepare the fire/coals (What temperature do you need? Too hot/cold?)

2.) Prepare your camp oven (Camp ovens will be provided. There will be at least one Bedourie & one Cast Iron Camp Oven available.)

3.) Prepare the ingredients: you will be provided with secret ingredients

4.) Cook the meal

5.) Serve the meal for tasting

6.) Clean and prepare the camp oven for storage

NOTE: The challenge will be scored across all six stages



Scouts Victoria take the health and safety of our members very seriously, and as such they launched a new health and safety application named CareMonkey during August 2016 following a successful trial over the last six months with 12 Groups across seven Regions. CareMonkey is an innovative parent controlled electronic medical form. It is an electronic version of the paper based PIR we send out and ask parents to fill in for each event and upon joining.

From Scouts Victoria Be Informed email August 23 2016;

Today we will begin the synchronization between Extranet and CareMonkey which will generate
1.) An administrator access email notification to each Formation’s Leader in Charge
2.) An email invitation to Adult Members and parents of Youth Members to create or, if an existing user, share their health profile.
Daily synchronization between Extranet and CareMonkey will now be ongoing to ensure the health profiles in the Scouts Victoria CareMonkey account reflect membership records on Extranet. Groups should not add members to CareMonkey prior to them being registered on Extranet as the records will be removed during the next synchronization rather they should use the Y4 form to collect interim health information. Groups are encouraged to read the CareMonkey FAQs and utilize the CareMonkey Customer Support Guide available here prior to contacting Membership Support.

All of our Venturer’s contacts (Parents and Guardians) should have received an email requesting up-to-date contact, medical and other relevant detail to be entered into the CareMonkey system. Please take the time to signup for the system and enter the details as it provides a far better system for our active program than the paper based system can provide.

NOTE: Adventurous Activity Leaders will not generally have access to CareMonkey profiles though this may be arranged for large scale events. Adventurous Activity Teams will request that participants bring a print out of the member’s CareMonkey profile as an alternative to the old Personal Information Record (PIR).

This Week 2016-SEP-06 Indoor Bouldering

Indoor Bouldering
The Lactic Factory : Melbourne’s first dedicated bouldering gym
Location: 1 Studley Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
Cost: Casual $15, Casual Concession $13, Under 15 $10 // Shoe hire $4.50 (casual visitor)

MEET AT GYM: 7:30 pm (to be confirmed)

* Each Venturer and Leader attending will submit a completed PIR (Personal Information Record & Health Statement). No form, No go! Exception: if you have a completed CareMonkey profile

Organiser: Christopher​

[NOTICE] 2016-Sep-09 to 11 Caving Trip

CAVING Caving on the 9 to 11 September 2016
We will be joining with another Unit under the direction of the Scout Caving Team for a weekend of caving at Buchan in East Gippsland. To be onsite ready to go on Saturday morning, we will be leaving from the hall on Friday night to head to Buchan, which is approximately 4 or 5 hours drive from Melbourne. Two nights of camping (Friday and Saturday) are involved; you need to bring your own camping gear and all food.

MEET: at the hall at 5:00 pm Friday night ( to be confirmed )
PICKUP: At the hall approx 5:30pm Sunday (we will call as we get close)

$60 + petrol costs ( to be confirmed )

* You need to bring your own camping gear and all food. You may wish to team up with other Venturers for tents, the unit has several hike tents available.

From an equipment perspective for caving:
• The Scout Caving Team will provide helmets, harnesses, ropes, ladders and descenders
• You (personally) will need to provide 2 minimum, ideally 3 light sources for caving that are different to the torches that you use in camp. Spare batteries are good as well. Please not wind up torches are not suitable for caving. Torches that are head torches are really good as they free up the hands.
• Sturdy boots – these will provide ankle support and grip. Runners in a pinch are OK are not ideal and if it is wet underground then runners can be dangerous
• Ideally overalls provide the best protection underground, if you do not have overalls then old clothes that if they get torn or muddy will not matter too much.

* Read through and double check you have the equipment described in – Caving Notes (PDF) – this is a good summary of what to bring and safety details.

* Each Venturer and Leader attending will submit a completed PIR (Personal Information Record & Health Statement) before leaving the hall on Friday night. No form, No go!
* Exception : if you have a completed CareMonkey profile

We will be staying at Stonehenge Farmstay Camping Ground. Camping costs have been covered in the activity fee.

Stonehenge location map

The normal schedule for the weekend is as follows:
• Arrive at some stage Friday night – The Venturers normally camp below the house just near the gate leading up to the house on the right hand side.
• Saturday 8.30am. The Scout Caving Team issue helmets to all attendees and planned departure from Stone Henge by 9am. Lunches need to be packed as we will not be returning to the camp site till later afternoon.
• We will visit 2 caves on Saturday – an introductory cave followed by some caves that require vertical descend and ascent. The caving team members will provide instruction on safety and equipment usage.
• We will return to camp by approximately 5pm in order to allow sufficient time for showers and dinner preparation.
• We will need to bring some fire wood or collect it during the day.
• Sunday we try to get going by 8.30am and we visit one cave with a planned finish by about 12pm.
• We normally return to the camp site to pack up.

The Venturer Units will be broken into smaller groups.