Scouts Victoria take the health and safety of our members very seriously, and as such they launched a new health and safety application named CareMonkey during August 2016 following a successful trial over the last six months with 12 Groups across seven Regions. CareMonkey is an innovative parent controlled electronic medical form. It is an electronic version of the paper based PIR we send out and ask parents to fill in for each event and upon joining.

From Scouts Victoria Be Informed email August 23 2016;

Today we will begin the synchronization between Extranet and CareMonkey which will generate
1.) An administrator access email notification to each Formation’s Leader in Charge
2.) An email invitation to Adult Members and parents of Youth Members to create or, if an existing user, share their health profile.
Daily synchronization between Extranet and CareMonkey will now be ongoing to ensure the health profiles in the Scouts Victoria CareMonkey account reflect membership records on Extranet. Groups should not add members to CareMonkey prior to them being registered on Extranet as the records will be removed during the next synchronization rather they should use the Y4 form to collect interim health information. Groups are encouraged to read the CareMonkey FAQs and utilize the CareMonkey Customer Support Guide available here prior to contacting Membership Support.

All of our Venturer’s contacts (Parents and Guardians) should have received an email requesting up-to-date contact, medical and other relevant detail to be entered into the CareMonkey system. Please take the time to signup for the system and enter the details as it provides a far better system for our active program than the paper based system can provide.

NOTE: Adventurous Activity Leaders will not generally have access to CareMonkey profiles though this may be arranged for large scale events. Adventurous Activity Teams will request that participants bring a print out of the member’s CareMonkey profile as an alternative to the old Personal Information Record (PIR).

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