This Week 2016-OCT-25 Sunset Adventure Racing @ Box Hill

Individuals can turn up from about 6.30pm (course closes at 8pm so you want to start by 7pm) while Groups should fill in the attendance spreadsheet from the website allowing the SAR team to pre-allocate tags and minimise the waiting around at the start. —

An orienteering event with 20 electronic controls located nearby; how many can you find in 60 minutes?
Please arrive by 6:30 pm for registration/briefing

Scouts, guides and kids with an adult enter free of charge.
Adults – first event : Initial $5 fee per Adult.

MEETING START: 6:30 pm. Arrive by 6:30pm
MEETING CLOSE: c.8:30 pm
LOCATION: Box Hill North Scout Hall, 31 Tyne St (MELWAY 47 E7)
Organised by: Liam

6:30 pm Arrive at the event Start Location. Scouts are registered and briefed
7:00 pm Scouts start (earlier if possible)
8:00 pm Course closes

BRING/WEAR: Wear clothing and footwear suitable for walking/running + scout scarf or scout T-shirt. Full uniform not required.
A watch – the event runs for 60 minutes.
Water or a drink – to rehydrate before/after the event
Light daypack or water-pack


This Week 2016-OCT-18 Wii & PS night on big screens

Young couple playing videogames
This week we will connect some gaming consoles up to the projectors and game on the big screens in the hall and the meeting room. Bring your games, bring your consoles, bring your spare controllers (let’s have some spares *just in case*).

LOCATION: Scout Hall
Organised by: Ben



Last night at Venturers was somewhat different; there was a challenge put forward to the Venturers to use a series of microadventures to add some adventure into our program, and maybe even to start a focus on larger adventures.

Alastair Humphreys’ microadventurer challenge is simple, and it hangs on this loose framework:

❝ Sleep outdoors.
Don’t use a tent.
Pack light.
Plan simple.
Seek wildness.
Challenge yourself.❞

Based on this it is possible to grab your backpack, bike, kayak or whatever gives you your thrills and do something adventurous. The challenge was put to the Unit to design four microadventures for next year’s program, each with a different theme and a different mode of transport. Listed below are the four microadventure ideas that were chosen – the next step is to turn these into full plans.

1.) Sleep on a hill
Escape the city. Climb a hill, cook on a fire, sleep under the stars.
The First Time you Sleep on a Hill

Necessary Equipment: Sleeping bag, Bivvy bag or, for first-timers/misers/paupers/masochists, one of these cheap orange survival bags will do fine. If you cannot locate a bivvy you might use a tarp.
Not Necessary Equipment: Everything else

2.) Journey from Source to sea / A journey on the tube
An incredibly simple but wonderful microadventure.
Down a river on tractor inner tubes. Bivvy on the beach.
A journey on the tube

Which river?

3.) A river raft adventure
I’m lying in a hammock, on a riverbank, in a forest, in Sweden. Down on the water, tied to a pair of trees, is a two-tonne raft made from logs. Smoke is rising from the campfire. The steaks are almost cooked. Evening sunshine spears through the trees. I’m pretty much in heaven.
A Slow Rafting Adventure

Which river? What raft size?

4.) A journey around your home / An M25 Adventure
The M25 is 118 miles long, encircling London. Our plan was to walk as close to the motorway as possible, from Junction 1 to 31, from Kent to Essex via Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, through fields and farmland, down footpaths if we saw them, along occasional small parallel roads from time to time. We deliberately had no real plan. We carried just one map, a large scale one that showed the whole M25. We would sleep outside at night, in bivvy bags, but hoped that we would find refuge under a bridge, in a barn, or in some kind stranger’s home from time to time. It seemed likely that we would walk somewhere between 150 and 200 miles.
Walking a lap of the M25
The M25 by foot

The decision was split – should the Unit cycle, or grass ski, around the M80 metropolitan ring road?

❝ I have also realised that you do not have to have an epic adventure to have an adventure. You do not need to fly to the other side of the planet to do an expedition. You do not need to be an elite athlete, expertly trained, or rich to have an adventure. Adventure is only a state of mind. ❞ — Alastair Humphreys

Looking larger?
Advice for Young People Dreaming of Adventure:

some ideas to tick off

The Venturer 2016 T4 Program [DRAFT]

From planning notes last week;

11th Oct – Platypus Project – Darren
15/16th Oct – JOTA/JOTI
15th Oct – PV Queen’s Scout Dinner (Wallan)
17th Oct – Zone Council
18th Oct – Wii & PS night on big screens – Ben
18th Oct – $15 Q4 Subs are due
21st Oct (Fri) – Joey Disco – Venturers to assist
25th Oct – Sunset Adventure Racing @ Box Hill, arrive by 6:30pm – Liam
1st Nov – Older Scouts invitation; Slip & Slide Kickball – Ben / Chris
8th Nov – Cycling – Chris
12/13th Nov – Eltham Festival
15th Nov – Scavenger Hunt (Melbourne) – Darren
17th Nov – Zone Council
22nd Nov – Go Karts – Scott
29th November – VG Prep & Paint Puppet Theater –
2-4th Dec – VG @ Bay Park
6th December – VG Packup & Paint Puppet Theater –
12th Dec – Group BBQ
19th Dec – Zone Council (1st Eltham to chair)

This Week 2016-OCT-04 Unit in Council & Pizza

Unit Council MEETING START: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Scout Hall
Organised by: Liam

Venturer Units are run by a group of elected youth members who along with the Venturer Leaders form the Unit Council. Ideally the Unit Council meets once a month and Unit Council positions are elected every 12 months. The Unit Council members are: Unit Chairman, Deputy Unit Chairman, Unit Secretary, Unit Treasurer, Unit Equipment Officer (Quartermaster) and Unit Log Book Officer.

1.0 Minutes of Last Meeting
2.0 Business Arising from Minutes
3.0 Correspondence In
4.0 Correspondence Out
5.0 Health & Safety
6.0 Leaders Report
7.0 Financial Report
8.0 District Report
9.0 Awards / Proposals / Completions (Bring along your planning)
Please use the Badge Activity Statement v1.0 [PDF] form when submitting a badge work proposal to the Unit Council.
10.0 New Business
11.0 Term Program
12.0 Next Meeting

The Venturer 2016 T4 Program [DRAFT] is available from DropBox.