This Week 2016-OCT-25 Sunset Adventure Racing @ Box Hill

Individuals can turn up from about 6.30pm (course closes at 8pm so you want to start by 7pm) while Groups should fill in the attendance spreadsheet from the website allowing the SAR team to pre-allocate tags and minimise the waiting around at the start. —

An orienteering event with 20 electronic controls located nearby; how many can you find in 60 minutes?
Please arrive by 6:30 pm for registration/briefing

Scouts, guides and kids with an adult enter free of charge.
Adults – first event : Initial $5 fee per Adult.

MEETING START: 6:30 pm. Arrive by 6:30pm
MEETING CLOSE: c.8:30 pm
LOCATION: Box Hill North Scout Hall, 31 Tyne St (MELWAY 47 E7)
Organised by: Liam

6:30 pm Arrive at the event Start Location. Scouts are registered and briefed
7:00 pm Scouts start (earlier if possible)
8:00 pm Course closes

BRING/WEAR: Wear clothing and footwear suitable for walking/running + scout scarf or scout T-shirt. Full uniform not required.
A watch – the event runs for 60 minutes.
Water or a drink – to rehydrate before/after the event
Light daypack or water-pack


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