2017 Nillumbik Whittlesea District Calander


Please find attached the District Calendar for all sections. So that you can plan out 2017 with your sections … Please note that these dates are correct as at today’s date. And may be subject to change as things change.
Regards Alan
Alan Harding
Region Commissioner – Plenty Valley

* 2017-district-calandar-nillumbik-whittlesea [PDF]


This Week 2016-Nov-22 Platypus Project : Macroinvertebrate Sampling


Due to some planning issues, the Go Kart evening scheduled for this week has been postponed until until a more successful cost/attendance option can be arranged.

1st Eltham Venturers have a “VENTURERS ENVIRONMENT PROJECT – Platypus Habitat” which has not progressed very far over the last 12 months. This project allows scope for Venturers to work toward their Environment tapes at both Venturer Award and Queen’s Scouts level.

Why sample macroinvertebrates?
Macroinvertebrates are useful indicators of the health or condition of wetlands and other water bodies. They respond to many kinds of pollution, including chemical pollution and physical disturbance to the landscape around the site, wetland structure, and hydrology.

This week we will sample and test some water samples from our “bad” test site in Eltham, we will see if the macroinvertebrates can tell us a story about the location the water samples were taken, how good the water quality might be and if the area might be good habitat. If you haven’t used the water quality chemical testing kits, it would also be a good night to give them a test.

MEETING START: 7:30 pm sharp


ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Thursday 17th November 2016 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna. Uniform welcome, but not required. Valley/Kooranunda Unit to chair meeting.

Zone Minutes from October 2016 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader. These now list all the Venturer courses so please ensure that you read them.

Bring your QS Proposals/Completions and hear about what other Units are doing.

NOTE: Yarra Batman Zone: New Dates for Calendars 2016

This Week 2016-Nov-15 Scavenger Hunt (Melbourne)

How well do you know Melbourne’s laneways?


*Your Hunt starts from Under the Clocks at Flinder’s Street Station 7:30pm*
The Unit will be catching the 6:35pm from Eltham Station (Eltham), arriving Flinders Street Station 7:21pm.
Please bring along your filled out permission and medical form (PIR).
Bring a Myki with money on it.
Bring mobile phones, digital camera, a map of Melbourne, notebook, pencil, some money.
You will receive your first clue and the chase begins!

* You will need to be able to receive and send SMS
* You will need to be able to check the Unit Facebook and web page
* You will need a method of sending/uploading photos
* You may need to check Google

Organised by: Darren

This Week 2016-Nov-5 Bike Ride

It’s been just under a year since the units been out on two wheel – so it’s time to have some  good time.

Start at the hall 7:30pm
Finish at the Hall 9:30 pm.

Riding along the Diamond Creek trail from the Scout Hall to Diamond Creek.

Make sure your bike is road worthy, that it has lights, and that you have a helmet that fits and that you will wear!
• Dress warm as it may be cool.
• Make sure your bike has lights that work.
• No uniform is required.
• We might if you’re lucky use McDonalds as our turnaround spot. If you wish to bring some Money ($) for an ice-cream orsomething a little healther if you want to make the bike ride more worthwhile ;;-)

Please bring along your filled out permission and medical form (PIR).diamond-creek-trail1small

This Week 2016-Nov-01 Slip & Slide Kickball

UPDATED: 4:30pm 1-Nov-2016
Due to the weather and risk of colds etc. and as 1st Eltham Scout group has not invested into an indoor swimming pool or external heating we will be in the hall tonight.

The change of plans will be a games night and starting at usual start time (7:30)

Bring along a game or two, whether a board game or physical and we can use the time to catch up on life and discuss some further plans for the unit!

Organised by: Ben / Chris
( invitation to older Scouts to attend via Ben )

Tonight we will setup a field for a Slip & Slide version of kickball. The kickball field is set up like a regular field, with four bases and a pitcher, but the bases are kiddie pools, and there’s a homemade 10m black plastic Slip & Slide between each base.

Don’t wear uniform. Come along with clothes that can get wet and a bit dirty.
Bring a change of clothes and a towel.

📷 Flickr album: 2016-02-16 Slip & Slide Kickball