Venturer Calendar: 2017 Q1 [DRAFT]

calendarVenturer Program : Q1 2017 [DRAFT]
Venturer Calendar.

** NOTES UPDATED 2017-MAR-20 11:30am**

A first draft of the 2017 Q1 Program. Please post your comments and suggestions down below.

πŸ—“ School Holidays: 21 Dec 2016 – 30 Jan 2017

😞 31st Jan (TUE) – No Venturers

πŸ›Ά WE 4th-5th Feb – Level 1 Canoe Course – Clifford Park

πŸ’€ 7th Feb (TUE) Argh! Ye be walking the plank for this!
Welcome back to 2017 ye lubbers – there be some Pirate type activities tonight that be combining Venturers, knotting, construction, and pirates.
Ye may wish to come as a Pirate … or be keelhauled?

😞 WE 11th-12th Feb – No program

🎭 14th Feb (TUE) On the Muppet show tonight!
(Puppet Theatre repair and painting, some on theme games etc.)

πŸ• WE 17th-19th Feb – Great Ocean Walk (HIKE) Organiser: Liam

🍴 21st Feb (TUE) – Make Soft drink can stoves, and AG Preparation

πŸ• WE 24th-26th Feb – Anything Goes [ Lardner Park ]

🐲 28th Feb (TUE) – Chinese New Year & AG Pack up

😞 WE 4th-5th Mar – No program

πŸ—‘ 5th Mar (SUN) – Clean Up Australia Day
β€œPlatypus Project” event as a part of the activities

πŸ– 7th Mar (TUE) – Group BBQ {TBC}
It would be good for the Unit to offer to run some β€œPlatypus Project” games to tie into the river / Clean Up Australia

πŸ• WE 11th-13th Mar : Plenty Valley Region Gathering (Labour Day Long Weekend) at Mafaking Rover Park – Cravaet

πŸ• 11th Mar (Sat) Visit to Leo Baeck Centre Synagogue, East Kew [IDEALS]

πŸ”¦ 14th Mar (TUE) – Night Drop: Drop at beach, …

😞 WE 18th-19th Mar – No program

😞 21st Mar – No Venturers // see 23rd

⚜️ 23rd Mar (THU) Tent Surfing – Venturer Rover night

πŸš‘ 26th Mar(Sun) 1st Eltham First aid course

πŸ• WE 24th-26th Mar – Top Gun 2017 THEME: FINDING NEMO (Riddles Creek)

πŸ• 28 Mar (TUE) – Pizza on the Roof [We will need to purchase and prepare the equipment]

πŸ—“ School Holidays: 01 April – 17 April
EASTER FRI 14th April – 17th April

Q2-2017 (Apr.May.Jun) πŸ”₯ FIRE ACTIVITY FOCUS πŸ”₯
18 Apr (TUE) – tbc – [Chris G]

24/25 APR (MON/TUE) – ANZAC DAY – Sleep Over, Dawn Service, March

2nd May (TUE) – Nillumbik Shire Council Meeting (Ordinary Council Meeting) 7PM Council Chamber at the Civic Centre, Civic Drive, Greensborough.

16 May (TUE) – tbc – [Chris G]

Q3-2017 (Jul.Aug.Sep) ⛄️ SNOW ACTIVITY FOCUS ⛄️



ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council is the end of Year [short] meeting, and is on Monday 19th December 2016 @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna the Rosanna Scout Hall corner of St James Rd & Manton St, Rosanna. Uniform welcome, but not required. 1st Eltham Unit to chair meeting.

Change of Venue for ZVC Meeting, Monday Night, Dec 19th.
In order to assist the Scout Section, the Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council will hold its final meeting for 2016 at the Rosanna Scout Hall (just beyond the tennis courts and the park from our usual venue).

Zone Minutes from November 2016 are available via MyScout or by contacting a Unit Leader. These now list all the Venturer courses so please ensure that you read them.

Now that we have a special venue for our December ZVC meeting — thanks to the Rosanna Scout Group, Venturers will have time to make their presentations in full, without rushing. We also have time for Unit reports and for new business.

Key Agenda Items (as notified by 17 December):

* Proposals and Completions of VAS Activities
* Completion of one Venturer Award
* Completion of Technical Requirements for one Queen’s Scout Award
* Units to host Zone Nights during 2017
* Yarra Batman Zone Secretary and Treasurer for 2017
* Unit Management Course: Planning Dates in Feb/March 2017 — for VLs and AVLs
* New Zone Directory [without residential/postal addresses]

Season’s Greetings to Everyone
ZONE will supply some drinks and a few nibbles. Can your Unit bring some additional nibbles to share at our End-of-Year celebration

NOTE: Yarra Batman Zone: New Dates for Calendars 2016

2016-Dec-11 : YPR Workshop – Epping

Good Afternoon Venturers,

Have you ever considered the following questions?
✦ What do we need to do to grow Scouting?
✦ What does the community want from Scouting?
✦ What should Scouting look like in the 2020s and beyond?
✦ How can we ensure the Scouting program is fun, adventurous, challenging and inclusive?
✦ How can we be better at meeting the Purpose of Scouting?

Scouts Australia’s Youth Program Review has been exploring these questions and more over the past four years and now has a concept Scouting program to share.
This is your opportunity to get your voice heard in the design phase of the new program concept. The workshops will enable you to hear the concepts and be able to interact with others to discuss opinions, and to submit your thoughts.

The workshops are open to all interested people, however they are aimed at older Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders, other adult volunteers and parents. We would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word to all of these people. Feedback from the youngest members will be sought though other methods. Attached to this is a flyer for you to share around.

We’re running a workshop near you this weekend!
11th December 2016 at Epping Memorial Hall from 10am-2:30pm
To sign up for this workshop head to:
If the above date doesnt work for you, then head over to to find out about all the other workshops we’re running. You can also request workshops be run for your group or district in early 2017 by emailing

Yours in Scouting,

Handout: YPR workshops : Epping (2.24 MB) [PDF]