2016-Dec-11 : YPR Workshop – Epping

Good Afternoon Venturers,

Have you ever considered the following questions?
✦ What do we need to do to grow Scouting?
✦ What does the community want from Scouting?
✦ What should Scouting look like in the 2020s and beyond?
✦ How can we ensure the Scouting program is fun, adventurous, challenging and inclusive?
✦ How can we be better at meeting the Purpose of Scouting?

Scouts Australia’s Youth Program Review has been exploring these questions and more over the past four years and now has a concept Scouting program to share.
This is your opportunity to get your voice heard in the design phase of the new program concept. The workshops will enable you to hear the concepts and be able to interact with others to discuss opinions, and to submit your thoughts.

The workshops are open to all interested people, however they are aimed at older Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders, other adult volunteers and parents. We would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word to all of these people. Feedback from the youngest members will be sought though other methods. Attached to this is a flyer for you to share around.

We’re running a workshop near you this weekend!
11th December 2016 at Epping Memorial Hall from 10am-2:30pm
To sign up for this workshop head to: https://www.vicscouts.asn.au/scoutEvents/default.php?ID=SCE00562
If the above date doesnt work for you, then head over to http://www.vicscouts.com.au/ypr-workshops/workshop-dates to find out about all the other workshops we’re running. You can also request workshops be run for your group or district in early 2017 by emailing ypr@vicscouts.asn.au

Yours in Scouting,

Handout: YPR workshops : Epping (2.24 MB) [PDF]
WWW: https://www.vicscouts.com.au/ypr-workshops


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