This Week 2017-Mar-28 Pizza on the Roof

The “Pizza on the Roof” / “Pie int the Sky” Venture activity uses climbing gear as the activities most closely related for risk management are crate stacking, high/low ropes, and other working at height type activities. Because we have the ‘suspended table’ the rope use is more of a rigging exercise than found in most traditional climbing activities. Climbing equipment is used because it has a known load rating and life cycle management. (In some cases recovery equipment may be used for anchors).

Please be in uniform and bring
• $5.00 if you want to have pizza (savory & dessert) and a drink.
• $15.00 for those who have not paid their term fees.

Time to hang the tables and chairs from the roof and eat some pizza!

MEET: at the hall at 6:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 10:00 pm ( depending on how long it takes to remove the rig and pack the gear away )
Organised by: Darren

To allow for the Unit to rig the tables and benches in a single night, it is best for all Venturers to familiarize themselves with the objective.
Working out where each of the ropes is used and how they are attached, and the general positioning of the table and benches when they are in the air.

6 x Wide Oval 8mm Malions {attach to anchor points}
12 x Steel locking Carabiners
4 x 30m Static 7mm⌀ rope
8 x 20m Static 8mm⌀ rope
4 x 3m 10mm⌀ cow’s tails/lanyards
10 x climbing harness
10 x climbing helmets
2 x 60m dynamic 10mm⌀ single climbing rope
2 x Petzl rescue pulleys
16 x 120cm sewn slings

See the image below for where each of the different diameter (⌀) ropes are used.

Previous editions:
* 2012-05-01 Venturers ‘in the Sky’
* 2013-07-23 Pizza on the Roof
* 2014-05-13 Pie in the Sky (Venturers)
* 2014-Nov-11 Up in the Air (Venturers) [Crate Stacking]


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