This Week 2017-Aug-01 Vocations #1 – The CV

❝ CV, Curriculum vitae, a summary of academic and professional history and achievements. In some countries a CV is the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment. ❞


MEET: at the hall at 7:30 pm
PICKUP: At the hall 9:30 pm
Organised by: Liam

Vocations (Venturer Award Level)
Encourage investigation of some aspects of employment opportunities enabling Venturer Scouts to better understand the roles and responsibilities in a range of vocations.

1. Prepare a personal resume to present to, and discuss with, at least two employers. Where possible, one employer should be from a major business and the other a small local business. The resume should include a covering letter which would be relevant should a written application be required. A request should be made to the interviewer to do a short report on the presentation of the interview held. This report to be brought back and discussed at Unit level.

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2017-Jul-25 Unit In Council – Pizza & Processes


How would you define a functioning Unit Council?

If a Unit Council is functioning and experienced (determined by the Z/DVL), Venturers only need an Examiner approved at Z/DVC. — Role of the Zone-District Venturer Council (V1.1 – 27-6-17)

Unit Council – Pizza & Processes
7:30pm to 9:30pm in the Meeting Room at the Hall.
Please read through the Unit Council – Job Descriptions.

⚜ What does the Unit Council do?
⚜ What does the Unit Chairman do?
⚜ What paperwork does the Unit Secretary need to look after?
⚜ Where do I find a minutes template?
⚜ Where is the Unit Log Book?
⚜ How does the Unit Treasurer do the banking?
⚜ What gear does the Unit have that I need to look after?

Come along to the Pizza & Processes night and we’ll work through what each of the roles in the Unit Council actually do.

Venturer Units are run by a group of elected youth members who along with the Venturer Leaders form the Unit Council. Ideally the Unit Council meets once a month and Unit Council positions are elected every 12 months. The Unit Council members are: Unit Chairman, Deputy Unit Chairman, Unit Secretary, Unit Treasurer, Unit Equipment Officer (Quartermaster) and Unit Log Book Officer.

1.0 Minutes of Last Meeting
2.0 Business Arising from Minutes
3.0 Correspondence In
4.0 Correspondence Out
5.0 Health & Safety
6.0 Leaders Report
7.0 Financial Report
8.0 District Report
9.0 Awards / Proposals / Completions (Bring along your planning)
Please use the Badge Activity Statement v1.0 [PDF] form when submitting a badge work proposal to the Unit Council.
10.0 New Business
10.1 Review Constitution of the 1st Eltham Venturer Unit (v1.0)
11.0 Term Program
12.0 Next Meeting

This Week 2017-Jul-18 ‘Splash down’ at WarterMarc!

It’s the first night back, it’s still pretty darn chilly and we’re all back to the joys of school. All these premises only lead to only one conclusion, time for a paddle in the local pool!

Honestly there is nothing like that sudden epiphany when you’re plummeting down a water-slide and finally solve that mathematics problem you’ve been ‘trying’ to figure out all holidays ;’)

MEETING OPEN: 6:00 pm (Water-Slide closes at 7:00)
LOCATION: Greensborough Watermarc
1 Flintoff St. Greensborough 3088
COST: $12.60per person

Bring swimming suitable clothing & a scarf/uniform for the discount.

Organised by: Chris

“Life is like a water-slide, no matter how many times it tries to throw you off, just enjoy the ride!”


ZVC Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council

The next Yarra Batman Zone Venturer Council meeting is on Thursday, July 20th @ 7.30pm at Rosanna Hall, Turnham Ave Rosanna. Uniform welcome, but not required. 1st Doncaster East/Warrandyte Venturer Unit to chair meeting (based on minutes, December 2016).

Bring your QS Proposals/Completions and hear about what other Units are doing.

Q&A Session covering “The Role of the Zone/District Venturer Council” (V1.1- 27-6-17) from Victorian Venturer Council.
Questions to Discuss
* Is your Unit Council ready to be recognised as a “fully functioning Unit Council”?
* HOW does your Unit Council DEMONSTRATE that it is “fully functioning”?

Venturer Calendar: 2017 Q3 [DRAFT]

calendarVenturer Program : Q3 2017 [DRAFT]
Venturer Calendar.

** NOTES UPDATED 2017-JUL-17 6:00pm**

A first draft of the 2017 Q3 Program. Please post your comments and suggestions down below.
For a list of Courses & Visits refer to MyScout

🗓 School Holidays: 01 July – 16 July

Q3-2017 (Jul.Aug.Sep) ⛄️ SNOW ACTIVITY FOCUS ⛄️

⛄️ 30th Jun – 8th Jul SNOW VENTURE (WEEK 1 / Victoria)

📌 18th July (TUE) – Swimming Night – [Chris]

🏕 21/23rd Jul – Regent Honeyeater Planting Weekend, Lurg (near Benella)

📌 25th July (TUE) – Unit in Council – Pizza & Processes

📌 1st Aug (TUE) – Vocations night – [Liam]

⛄️ 4/6th Aug – IGLUTE

📌 7th Aug (MON) – 1st Eltham ARAP // Venturers to MC

📌 8th Aug (TUE) – cancelled

📌 11th-12th Aug (FRI-SAT) – Nerd night sleepover – [Ben]

📌 15th Aug (TUE) – Escape Room [Manningham/Caitlin]

🚑 20th Aug (SUN) – 1st Eltham First Aid Course

📌 22nd Aug (TUE) – 7pm Unit Council // 7:30pm First Aid Stunts

🎭 25th Aug (Fri) – Whitehorse Showtime Venturer Night
Venturer Ticket (includes On-site Party Entry for 14-17 year olds only) $30

📌 29th Aug (TUE) – Trade Up – [Roni]

📌 5th Sep (TUE) – Unit in Council – [Liam]

📌 12th Sep (TUE) – tbc – Possibly dodge-ball

📌 9th Sep (TUE) – tbc – [Scott]

🗓 School Holidays: 23 September – 08 October

❄️ 22,23,24 Sep – Baw Baw Lodge [Manningham/Luke]

🏕 22/30th Sep – BARCOM Expedition 1 2017 – Murrabit To Swan Hill

🏕 30th Sep / 8th Oct – BARCOM Expedition 2 2017 – Swan Hill to Wood-Wood

🏕 17th Australian Venture (AV2018 QLD) – will be held in sunny Queensland in January 2018 for 14 – 18 year olds! For ten days you will visit different areas of Queensland, try out activities and challenges you may have never dreamed of doing, and make friends for life!