This Week 2017-Oct-10 Bouldering @ Burnley

Welcome back to 2017-Q4. This week we will be bouldering on the Burnley Bouldering Walls. Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short and low climbs.

Burnley Bouldering Walls
McConchie Reserve.
Melway reference 2M 2B.
Access is via the southern end of Mary Street, Burnley. Park at the southern end of Mary Street, walk across McConchie Reserve and follow the path towards the river and City Link. The wall is situated under the City Link bridge alongside the bike path.

Burnley Bouldering Walls [PDF].
The Burnley Bouldering Walls are built within McConchie Reserve, an inner city reserve managed by Parks Victoria. The Burnley Bouldering Walls are located in a free open public space so are accessible for climbing 24/7. Weekends and evenings inevitably tend to be busier, particularly through the summer months, however the walls get visitors at all times. The area is now artificially lit so climbing is no longer restricted to daylight hours so the only restriction is your enthusiasm!


(Click on image for a link to Google Maps)

MEETING START: 7:30 pm sharp
Venturers are to make their own way there. Car-pooling can be arranged in advance via the Unit Facebook page.
ORGANISER(S): Rovers ?

WEAR: Scarf to be worn to venue. Wear tracksuit pants, or similar free movement clothing. Footwear – sneakers or similar (climbing shoes are not necessary). No bare feet when climbing on the walls!
Bring a drink bottle.


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