This Week 2017-Jun-13 Being safe in the community – A world of Opinions and Views pt. 2


Welcome back to venturers….feels a bit like that after our time off.

This week will be broken into Two sections!

  1. Part A – Impacts of substances, environments, diet etc. on Mental and Physical Health
  2. Part B – Citizenship Section 3 – Five minute effective speech on element of Australia’s History!  

Part A – Learning basic knowledge in areas such as:

  • Managing your stress, diet, sleep and recreation to assist in improving your physical and mental health
  • Basic understandings of Mental Health
  • Information surrounding the effects of Tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs on Mental and Physical Health

The night will be mainly discussion based to assist each other with our own and learnt knowledge in the above described areas but also some videos, presentations and activities to try some new things and put our newly learnt skills to the test!


Image result for drugs alcohol and tobacco

Part B – Australian History

Following this section, in groups of two, to continue with our citizenship focus the completion of Section 3 of VA Citizenship – CI.3 will be conducted.

Printouts with basic knowledge will be provided but please bring along information, laptops and/or pen and paper to draft and write a 5 minute an ‘effective presentation’ on an aspect of Australia’s Heritage.

History Matters logo

The choices are:

  • Marbo Case
  • The Snowy Scheme
  • Goldrush
  • The right for Woman to Vote
  • Anything else you feel fits within the criteria



Unit Council

As stated in the last Unit in Council Minutes, there was a plan to hold a small Unit Council at the conclusion of the night. For all members that can stick around, this will go no longer than 15 minutes. Just to ‘tying up a few loose ends’ 



This Week 2017-April-17 Getting the community involved – A world of Opinions and Views pt. 1

This Week 2016-Nov-5 Bike Ride

It’s been just under a year since the units been out on two wheel – so it’s time to have some  good time.

Start at the hall 7:30pm
Finish at the Hall 9:30 pm.

Riding along the Diamond Creek trail from the Scout Hall to Diamond Creek.

Make sure your bike is road worthy, that it has lights, and that you have a helmet that fits and that you will wear!
• Dress warm as it may be cool.
• Make sure your bike has lights that work.
• No uniform is required.
• We might if you’re lucky use McDonalds as our turnaround spot. If you wish to bring some Money ($) for an ice-cream orsomething a little healther if you want to make the bike ride more worthwhile ;;-)

Please bring along your filled out permission and medical form (PIR).diamond-creek-trail1small

This Week 2016-May-17 Tai Chi with the Rovers!

Tai Chi with the Warringal Rover Crew
“a Chinese martial art and form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements and positions of bodily balance”
tai chi form
“Although Tai Chi was originally a Martial Art it is mainly practiced today as an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits.”

Time: 7:30 Start – Finish 9:30pm
Where: 1st Eltham Scout Hall
Bring comfortable and suitable casual clothing & scarf/uniform for Parade
Organiser: Warringal Rover Crew – Ben (predominate organiser)

This Week – 2016-April-19 Get On-Board

12998538_694603893975664_4678224729522068365_nGet on-board for the planning night of your life, what will your destination be – 4WDriving, Pie in the Sky, Gentle Swim in the Yarra??

After a successful night last week, was decided that we needed a nice chance to get out in the open and explore our community whilst planning our activities for ‘our future’!

What are we doing?

A Train Trip into the city from Eltham, Sharing our home-made (or grocery shop special) dessert on the way up and purchasing our Main Meals from Melbourne Central to have on the way home. Oh, and planning along the way for our term!


Eltham Station to Melbourne Central (City):

Meet at Eltham station at 7:00pm (inside the station undercover area in the middle of the platforms) for a 7:17pm train into the city (Melbourne Central Station)

Melbourne Central (City) to Eltham:

Departing Melbourne Central 8:48pm for a 9:40pm pick-up at Eltham Scout Hall


What to Bring:

  • Topped up Myki
  • Scarf (Casual Cloths)
  • Dessert to Share
  • Bring $10 for purchasing Mains Meals at Melbourne Central
  • Jesse (Table)
  • Chris (Plates)




[NOTICE] 2015-Oct-30 (Fri.) Halloween Gala


It is almost time to get our “scare” on with the combined “Halloween Gala” fast approaching!

**The Halloween Gala is back for a second year of horrifying fun!
As Valley, Kooranunda & Greensborough present the Halloween Gala!

Featuring a night of fun with a Venturer designed Haunted Houses, the 1st Annual Coffin Race, Piñata and much more. And what’s a party without the time to hit the dance floor and show us what you’ve got – “on point”

Date: Friday 30th October
Time: 7-10PM
Location: Greenhills Scout Hall (Community Dr, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia)
Dress: Horrifying (There will be prizes for best dressed so go full out!)
Bring: Food to Share
RSVP: All Venturers have been invited to a Facebook event or alternatively contact Chris Gardner directly for attendance or more details)

**Great ready for Halloween Gala 2015**