This Week 2017-Oct-24 Venturing Skills 🏕


We have a number of Venturers who need to get their Venturing Skills ticked off so that they can jump in at the deep end and get into some awesome activities. If you already have your Venturing Skills come along prepared to pass along the skills to the new members.

The main purpose of the Venturing Skills award is to ensure that you can safely “handle yourself” in a camping or hiking situation, to the satisfaction of the both the Unit and the Venturer leader. The Venturing Skills is therefore a “foundation stone” for your future as a Venturer and is the only “compulsory” award that you must complete. Once you have your Venturing Skills award, you are considered a “technically competent” Venturer and no longer need a “sponsor” (although you should always continue to ask for advice where you are unsure).

Tonight the Unit will run a Venturing skills night, where the older members will assist the younger members with their essential Venturing skills.

Organised by: Leaders

To get yourself prepared for the evening, have a read through the following two documents, they will give you most of the information required for these skills and then we can work on demonstrating the skills.
📌 Venturing Skills Award requirements [PDF]
📌 Venturing Skills Award Information [PDF]
📌 Update for First Aid Basic Life Support Flow Chart [PDF]

re: b.) 5. How to tie, and show the practical use of, four knots or rescue devices chosen by the Unit from the Unit’s activities.
The four knots selected by the 1st Eltham Unit Council for this requirement are;
* Clove Hitch

* Truckie’s Hitch (Double Shank/Hitch), we use the sheepshank variant

* Re-threaded Figure of 8

* Prussik knot


This Week 2017-Oct-17 Circus! 🤡

Roll up, roll up, the Big Top is in town!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages
Step right up, step right up to the Venturer Circus.
See clowns and acrobats! Be amazed at death-defying stunts.
The greatest show on earth.
You’ll tell your children’s children and they’ll tell their children!

ORGANISER(S): Amelia, Torey

This Week 2017-Oct-10 Bouldering @ Burnley

Welcome back to 2017-Q4. This week we will be bouldering on the Burnley Bouldering Walls. Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short and low climbs.

Burnley Bouldering Walls
McConchie Reserve.
Melway reference 2M 2B.
Access is via the southern end of Mary Street, Burnley. Park at the southern end of Mary Street, walk across McConchie Reserve and follow the path towards the river and City Link. The wall is situated under the City Link bridge alongside the bike path.

Burnley Bouldering Walls [PDF].
The Burnley Bouldering Walls are built within McConchie Reserve, an inner city reserve managed by Parks Victoria. The Burnley Bouldering Walls are located in a free open public space so are accessible for climbing 24/7. Weekends and evenings inevitably tend to be busier, particularly through the summer months, however the walls get visitors at all times. The area is now artificially lit so climbing is no longer restricted to daylight hours so the only restriction is your enthusiasm!


(Click on image for a link to Google Maps)

MEETING START: 7:30 pm sharp
Venturers are to make their own way there. Car-pooling can be arranged in advance via the Unit Facebook page.
ORGANISER(S): Rovers ?

WEAR: Scarf to be worn to venue. Wear tracksuit pants, or similar free movement clothing. Footwear – sneakers or similar (climbing shoes are not necessary). No bare feet when climbing on the walls!
Bring a drink bottle.

2017-Sep-05 Units In Council

Unit Council MEETING START: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Scout Hall
Organised by: Liam

Venturer Units are run by a group of elected youth members who along with the Venturer Leaders form the Unit Council. Ideally the Unit Council meets once a month and Unit Council positions are elected every 12 months. The Unit Council members are: Unit Chairman, Deputy Unit Chairman, Unit Secretary, Unit Treasurer, Unit Equipment Officer (Quartermaster) and Unit Log Book Officer.

1.0 Minutes of Last Meeting
2.0 Business Arising from Minutes
3.0 Correspondence In
4.0 Correspondence Out
5.0 Health & Safety
6.0 Leaders Report
7.0 Financial Report
8.0 District Report
9.0 Awards / Proposals / Completions (Bring along your planning)
Please use the Badge Activity Statement v1.0 [PDF] form when submitting a badge work proposal to the Unit Council.
10.0 New Business
10.1 Visit from Hatfield Rover Crew
10.2 Review Constitution of the 1st Eltham Venturer Unit (v1.0)
11.0 Term Program – Term 4, 2017: programming on 12th Sep (TUE)?
12.0 Next Meeting

This Week 2017-AUG-08 Night at Tende Beck

MEET: 7:00 pm, Manningham Tende Beck Scout Group,
Cnr High street & Doncaster rd, Doncaster, Victoria 3108
PICKUP: 8:30 pm Manningham Tende Beck Scout Group
Organised by: Luke (Manningham Venturers)
FB Event:

Meeting with Tende Beck all ability Group.
5 High St, Doncaster VIC 3108 – Entry off Paul Street