For many of our activities you may be asked to complete a Health Form (Personal Information Record & Health Statement). You can complete this form in Adobe Reader 8 (or later) and save the information for future use.

* PIR – Personal Information Record [PDF]
[Version 6 (Effective from 1/09 (Updated Feb 2010))]

* TR1v – Venturer Training Application [PDF]
[Version 6 (Effective from 1/09 (Updated Feb 2010))]

* Y5 – Special Activities Form [PDF]
[Version 2 (Effective from Nov 2011)]

* Trip Intentions and Information Form [Victoria Police / PDF]
“Let someone know when you go”

Try Venturing badge
As part of our ongoing commitment to encourage all Scouts to progress to Venturers, we
wish to give Scouts 14 years and over the opportunity to gain the Try Venturing badge.
* Try Venturing Badge [PDF] (2012 v2.0)

The Award Scheme

* Venturing Skills Award [PDF]

* Venturer Award Scheme [PDF]

* Venturer Award Planning Sheet [PDF]

* Pathways [PDF]

* Venturer Award Scheme Planning Kit v2.2
( or via )

* Badge Activity Statement v1.0 [PDF] Issued by the Victorian Venturer Council (Dec-2011).
Use this form when submitting a badge work proposal to the Unit Council.

* Venturer Badge Placement


4 thoughts on “Paperwork

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  4. Reading the Badge Activity Statement, Courses approved and recommended by branch don’t need to be proposed or approved by Unit Council. The only request is a report during Unit Council on the course after the date of the course to be documented in the minutes in case the certificate is lost, as proof of completion.

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